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T Villager Designs: Specializing in Unique Floral Design for Your Nashville Wedding

Monday, September 26, 2016

When I first laid eyes on T Villager Designs' flower arrangements, my jaw dropped to the floor! The creativity and innovation behind T Villager Designs' work is unlike anything I've ever seen. The brains behind T Villager Designs, Troy and Jack, take some incredible risks by pairing flowers together that you would never think work well in arrangement... but somehow they make it look absolutely spectacular! I'm so excited to invite Troy and Jack to tell the story behind their business... here it is!

Tell us about your company.

Troy and Jack: One of Nashville's best kept secrets, T Villager Designs is a rapidly up and coming floral design and holiday decorating company owned and operated by the two of us (Troy Villager and Jack Boone). The company has gained a very positive reputation in the Nashville community and beyond in a short period of time because of Troy, the lead designer's ability to create floral designs that are distinct and creative with a "one of a kind look". Troy has a natural attentiveness to the aesthetics of flowers that touch the foundation of the human condition: our feelings and emotions. As T Villager Designs, we hold high standards for both our floral design and holiday decorating skills. We can work with the vision our clients have for their special wedding or event but sometimes struggle to bring to fruition. The philosophy of T Villager Designs centers around distinction and artistry no matter what genre of floral design. We are available to help!

How long have you been in business?

Troy and Jack: T Villager Designs was officially founded as a business in late 2013 but Troy had been doing floral design and holiday decorating for about 18 years now. The business was started as a hobby for us out of a love for flowers and gardening. Both of us had full-time careers, Jack in healthcare administration and Troy in real estate but due to the success the business has had it is the desire to make the business a full-time career for us.

How did you get started in weddings?

Troy and Jack: Troy actually has done weddings off and on through the years for family members and friends. He also serves on the flower guild at our church, St. Bartholomew's in Green Hills, and his floral design work is applauded and appreciated by church members. As a result, he was asked to do weddings for church members and people we knew as well.

What's the philosophy behind your company?

Troy and Jack: Our philosophy of our company is built around honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We want our company to be known for being a group of talented professionals who are quite personable, are good listeners, and commit to always being right up front with our customers on what we can and cannot do. Because we are so passionate about the work we do, we will always have fun and enjoy ourselves and help create an atmosphere that will put brides and their families at ease whenever possible. You set the agenda, we'll help you build the parameters of expectations and we'll earn the trust and confidence of our customers.

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

Troy and Jack: We believe the Nashville area is filled with greatly gifted floral designers who do incredible work and our goal is to always be as collaborative as we can possibly be with those who are in the same business. We are all artists who do great work. We do believe our strengths lie in the art form of the designs we create. Our greatest strength is being able to make the transition from the organic beginnings of flowers in the earth to create a magical display of color, texture, and flow and bring out the feelings and emotions of the audience.

What attracts brides to your business?

Troy and Jack: We're fun. We're personable, and we don't take ourselves too seriously. We know how to leave the ego at the door and we know how to be humble. However, we believe in the work we do and the value of what we do for our customers whether that be financial or otherwise. We promise to deliver.

Describe the bride who is most attracted to your company.

Troy and Jack: We believe any bride who feels she is working with a floral designer she can trust, she likes and she can afford would be attracted to our company. We feel we have the ability to work with any bride to be. We know we must earn a client's trust through examples of our work and the confidence we bring to the table. We will commit to complete honesty. If we haven't done something or have experience with something we'll say so. We believe a bride wants us to be genuinely interested in her and her very special day. We're easy to talk to and our aim is to put our bride at ease and truly help her get the answers she needs to get. And we know affordability is key. But we also realize a lot of floral design is about education, open communication on costs, and it is our responsibility to help the bride either set her budget or to stay within the budget she has in mind. It may not always be exactly the same flowers she saw on Pinterest but the same beauty can also be achieved through some creative thinking!

What is the most “now” / innovative new product, service, style or other aspect in floral design that brides and grooms might appreciate?

Troy and Jack: One really unique service T Villager Designs provided this year was at a masquerade ball where we were asked to dismantle the centerpieces for the tables for the evening and created individual bouquets for each female attendee to take home with her that evening. This is a trend that is beginning to become more popular in the Nashville area and is becoming more and more popular. Wedding trends seem to be moving toward the more natural, cascading and open and airy looks not only for bridal and attendants bouquets but also for centerpieces. Herbs and succulents are becoming very popular and these are things we do work with at T Villager Designs. Despite trends and "now" things for weddings there will always be brides who don't want to be like everyone else and follow the trends and want to walk to the beat of their own drummer. We love working with these brides, too, and welcome the opportunity to do so call on us anytime!

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your company?

Troy and Jack: Nashville is exploding in growth and each day there is more need for talented florists and floral designers to take care of the needs in this city, especially since it is very high on the list of destination brides. We want our community to know we're here and we want to help. There's plenty of business out there for all of us in the floral design business. We do realize this blog is about weddings and for brides but we would be remiss if we didn't mention the great deal of success T Villager Designs has also had with our holiday decorating. Christmas holidays make up the most of this arm of our business but we also do design and decorating for all other holidays and special occasions throughout the year!

Thank you Troy and Jack for sharing the beautiful photos of your work and telling us all about T Villager Designs!

Check out more on T Villager Designs' Facebook page!

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Anna + Kurt’s Classic Wedding at Two Rivers Mansion by Music City Events

Friday, September 23, 2016

It was a day to remember at Two Rivers Mansion for two soulmates ready to spend the rest of their lives together. Despite a light rain shower here and there, Anna + Kurt's day was shining from top to bottom (literally - with Italian lights fixated atop the tent and glimmering sequin linens)! Their wedding was another show-stopper planned and designed by the one and only Music City Events. Mary Anna of Music City Events worked closely with Anna + Kurt to make the day all about them - from ceremony coordination to the reception decor... it was a day to remember! Take a look at all the beautiful photos by Lindsy of LMR Photos (also Music City Events!)...

Anna + Kurt


Two Rivers Mansion

150 Guests

Venue | Two River's Mansion in Donelson

Flowers | LMA Designs

Planner | Music City Events, Mary Anna Davis

Photographer | LMR Photos

Rentals | Music City Tents and Events

Catering | Dream Events & Catering

Cake | Dulce Desserts

Music | Snyder Entertainment

Bride's Shoes | Jimmy Choo

From the photographer Lindsy of LMR Photos: Anna is a liver doctor and Kurt is an I.T. guy! They are just the sweetest and kindest couple you'll ever meet. Their day was full of joy. They found their venue and were pleased to find out that Two Rivers Mansion is a state park and therefore their venue fee is fully tax deductible. They didn't skimp on peonies, Anna's favorite! They wanted really good food, which they found courtesy of Dream Events & Catering. The music was all of their favorites from Barenaked Ladies to Colbie Caillat and they danced the night away with flair and confidence thank to a few dance lessons that they took during their engagement.

Thank you for sharing this special day with us, Lindsy! Check out more from Music City Events here.

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Why You Should Always Schedule an Appointment with a Nashville Wedding Vendor

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Time crunches happen. Especially when you’re planning your wedding! The scenario: your mom came into town just for the weekend to help you plan your wedding. So here we go, you need to hop around as fast as you can from vendor to vendor… interviewing a photographer, touring a venue, picking out linens, snagging the perfect dress, designing your lighting. There are about 20 stops and only 8 (business) hours in a day… how will you possibly find the time to do everything? Does sound familiar? I bet! It can be overwhelming! 

Photo by Anjeanette Illustration Photography

Now when you’re in this situation, there are a few things you need to keep in mind… well actually, there’s really one major thing you need to keep in mind.

Always schedule an appointment with your vendor ahead of time.

Plan it out. Map it out if it helps. Take the time to make those phone calls and type up those emails to get on the wedding vendor’s calendar. 

Why? Mainly because it’s the considerate thing to do. Your vendor will be expecting you and will be prepared to give you the one-on-one service and attention you deserve. This is the most crucial time to get to know you and your wedding vision… to see if you’re a good fit for each other. No distractions. Period.

After being in the wedding industry here for 3 years now, I know vendors (with a brick and mortar shop) deal with this situation on a regular basis. As a vendor, it’s not a good feeling when you’re in the middle of an important conversation with a bride (who scheduled an appointment) and another bride or MOB walks through the door asking for time and attention unexpectedly. 

Please know, vendors try to accommodate brides as best as they can. Most brick and mortar companies have hours of business, so please be mindful of those hours. Also keep in mind that some vendors work out of their own studio on their own hours. So do not be surprised if they’re closed when you show up at the door without an appointment. Needless to say, vendors are willing to work with your crazy schedules to a certain extent. In special scenarios vendors stay after hours, work on Sundays, and may even come in on a holiday with advance notice. 

If you happen to be in the area or find out about another nearby vendor at your current meeting, please don’t be disappointed if you stop by and they are unavailable. Call ahead of time (even if it’s on your way over!) to see if they are available to help you.

So if you make appointments to meet with all of your wedding vendors, everyone will feel relaxed and ready to plan the best day of your life!

Photo provided by Loveless Events

Looking for more wedding planning advice? Check out more advice posts on Nashville Bride Guide here.

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The Best Places To Get Engaged in Nashville, TN

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

When it comes to getting engaged in Nashville, the options can be overwhelming for the guys! From romantic city views to quiet scenery by a lake, Nashville, TN has many places to get engaged! We interviewed 5 Nashville wedding professionals to get their opinion on the best place to get engaged in Nashville. For the sporty couple to the city couple, all of the answers were so diverse! Find out what the professionals are saying about the most romantic spots in Nashville....

Radnor Lake State Park

Photo by Malcom MacGregor Photography


"Nashville experiences all four seasons, so I think it is hard to pass up an outdoor proposal, especially in the fall and spring months. Radnor Lake is the perfect backdrop for some pretty stellar engagement photos, and sunsets there are absolutely stunning. If you're looking for an outdoorsy spot for your proposal, Radnor Lake is hard to beat!"

- Sarah Wilson | Events Nashville, Houston Station



Sevier Park

Photo by Abigail Bobo Photography


"Sevier Park is a stunning location for people to get engaged. Sevier Park is historic green space in the 12th South area- it boasts many private spots to hear the birds sing and to propose. Since it's near many Nashville restaurants, it's a close walk to a celebration with family and friends after the ring is on the finger!"

- Abigail Bobo | Abigail Bobo Photography




Percy Priest Lake

Photo by Jarquise Lancaster


"Water inspires and relaxes me. It reminds that life is so very beautiful and constantly reassures how wonderful our Creator truly is. Every great memory I have has something to do with water. No amount of draping, custom furniture, crystal chandeliers, or lighting could or would ever be more beautiful than God's very own creation! Percy Priest Lake is definitely one of the best locations for a memorable and intimate proposal!!"

- Paige Brown | Paige Brown Designs




Arrington Vineyards

Photo by Abigail Volkmann Photography


"Nothing seems more romantic then surprising your (hopefully soon to be fiancé!) with a sweet picnic basket packed with fruit, cheese, and crackers, and then grabbing a bottle of wine (and champagne to celebrate when she/he says “yes!”), laying a blanket out on the lawn, listening to live blue grass, and looking out over the red barn and the hills.  The view, the music, the wine, nothing seems more romantic and memorable!!  Plus, you can have the start to a perfect anniversary tradition!!"

- Abigail Volkmann | Abigail Volkmann Photography




Pedestrian Bridge

Photo by Leah Williams Photography


"The Pedestrian Bridge in downtown Nashville boasts one of the greatest skyline views of the city. The breathtaking scenery of the hustle and bustle of the city sitting right atop the Cumberland River  is a view you will never forget!"

- Alyssa DiCicco |




Somewhere Meaningful

Photo by Abigail Bobo Photography


"I love when the proposal is in a location that means something to the couple. Location of their first date, if they are animal lovers- the zoo, movie buffs- outside of the Belcourt Theatre or even somewhere with a view like the Nashville City Club!"

- Margaret Tolbert | Details by Margaret

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Amber + Adrian’s Stylish University Engagement Shoot by Jon Reindl Photography

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Architecture meets fashion in Amber + Adrian's engagement shoot by Jon Reindl Photography. Amber + Adrian's love radiated from the beautiful historical structures on the Fisk University campus to the columns in the Bicentennial Mall. Their style ranged from casual white silhouettes to chic classy designs... all while their admiration shines from frame to frame. Take a look at the great work by Jon Reindl!

How did you get engaged?  Tell us about your proposal!

Amber: My fiancé plays the saxophone and he pulled me on stage at one of his shows and proposed to me in front of the crowd of our family and friends.

How many guests are you expecting?

Amber: 220

How are you approaching your wedding budget?  

Amber: Our budget is $20k. We based our budget on what we felt comfortable spending. We are trying hard to stick to it. We still have some months to go, but so far we have remained on target.

Who have you hired for your wedding team so far?

Amber: So far, we have hired a wedding planner, a dj, a band, our photographer, a videographer, the caterer, the cake decorator, and the venue is solidified.

What’s your wedding style?

Amber: We don't really have a style. Originally, we wanted a modern-rustic look. We have gradually moved away from the rustic aspect and more towards a modern-simplistic style, with a few rustic elements.

What’s your most fun purchase/hire to date?

Amber: Purchasing materials for our DIY photo booth. I like DIY projects so assembling it has been fun.

What aspect of being engaged has surprised you the most?

Amber: The amount of support and offers to help that we have received from friends and family. I thought I would be doing the majority of the planning by myself, which made me very nervous, but we have had so much help.

What have you most enjoyed about being engaged?

Amber: I've enjoyed talking to other engaged couples who are planning their weddings. It's like being in a club. You instantly have a ton in common because you are typically dealing with the same issues. I've also gotten and shared a lot of good tips.

Tell us about your engagement session. Where did it take place?

Amber: Our engagement session took place here in Nashville where we live, at the Bicentennial Mall downtown. We also did a portion of the shoot on the campus of Fisk University.

What’s the significance of the location(s)?

Amber: The Bicentennial mall has a great park with an awesome view of Capital Hill. Fisk University is where my fiancé and I attended college and where we met. The campus is beautiful.

What did you like most about the session?

Amber: I loved how our photographer directed us. He did such an awesome job at creating the shots we wanted. He was super professional and worked fast (which was great because it was a hot day lol).

I absolutely adore this engagement session! I never knew how gorgeous the architecture was on the Fisk University campus - an incredible location for engagement shoots! Well done, Jon!

If you like Amber + Adrian's engagement session, you might also like Robyn + Nickolas' engagement shoot!

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