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Mint Springs Farm is no stranger to a gorgeous wedding; Emily and Jason’s is no different. They held their stunning fall wedding on October 14th, 2023 at Mint Springs Farms in Nolensville, TN without any hesitation in sight. The reception featured many natural elements surrounding Mint Springs Farm along with gorgeous hanging floral installs and pops of red and orange florals throughout. It was a Fall wedding but no pumpkins in sight, which is absolutely doable! With Nashville and music being an overwhelming theme of their relationship, it also became a large part of the wedding planning and wedding day. Check out the beautiful gift Jason gave to his Bride during the reception!

Emily + Jason

October 14, 2023

Ceremony/Reception Locations ~ Mint Springs Farm, Nolensville, TN

Guest Count~125

Who was a part of your wedding team?

Emily: My mom, our planner was Linley Stokes, and we worked very closely with Bec and the rest of the Mint Springs Farm team and their vendors.

How did you guys meet?

Emily: On Bumble (dating app)

Tell us about your engagement!

Emily: Jason planned a road trip for us to Maine during the summer of 2022. With our two dogs (Penny Lane and Luke) and bikes in tow, we were excited to head north for some cycling, oysters, and much needed rest and relaxation. Our trip started off strong, but 2 nights in Jason started to feel a bit under the weather. I asked him if he wanted to head back home to Nashville but he insisted we continue on. Shortly after I started to feel sick as well, we finally got some COVID tests and sure enough, we both had COVID. It put a real damper on the trip, we spent most of our time in our airBnB when we weren’t driving around to view some lighthouses by car, hoping we’d recover by the end of the trip. No such luck. We had scheduled a stop in Woodstock, Vermont on our way back at this gorgeous little inn that thankfully had contactless check-in. After a day of trying to figure out what we could explore by car, we retreated back to our inn. After walking around the grounds a bit we sat down to relax in some adirondack chairs. We found ourselves talking about what a great team we make and proud of ourselves for trying to safely make the most of what was arguably a spoiled vacation. The next thing I know, Jason gets down on one knee to propose! And of course I said yes! Given the week we’d had, a proposal was the last thing on my mind and I was completely surprised! It was the perfect moment, we knew we wanted to stand by each other in sickness and in health 🙂

What was the vision for your wedding?

Emily: We met in 2020. While we enjoyed getting to know each other safely inside at home, we weren’t able to travel often to meet family and friends as often as we maybe would have otherwise for much of our relationship. We really wanted our wedding to focus on bringing together our family and friends all in one place. We wanted valuable time to spend with them and create an inviting environment for many people from different areas of our lives to meet for the first time and get to know each other as well. Jason is from Oklahoma and I am from New Jersey. We agreed that Nashville would be a good halfway point between the two and we were so excited to bring family and friends in from all over to share more of Nashville, the place where we met and built our relationship, with them.

What was your theme and what inspired it?

Emily: As noted above, we wanted to incorporate different elements of Nashville without having sending anyone to Broadway haha. We hosted a welcome party for all guests at Proof, the rooftop bar of the W hotel, the Friday night before the wedding. It was a great way to show off Nashville’s city lights and skyline without having to navigate the tourists of Broadway. We also featured live music at the welcome party. My husband is a singer-songwriter (then as a hobby, now full time), that was the main inspiration and we wanted to give our guests the feeling of a Nashville singer-songwriter night. My maid of honor and her husband performed a few of their original songs,another groomsman performed some songs, and then two groomsmen also accompanied my husband to perform some of his original songs too! The urban feel of Proof was the perfect contrast to the more rural setting of Mint Springs farm. Fall is our favorite season and our favorite month is October (we were so happy to secure October 14th at Mint Springs Farm). We wanted to incorporate fall colors and foliage wherever we could. Mint Springs Farm provided the perfect backdrop and setting. We incorporated lots of textures throughout our all of details and we asked Bloomhouse to incorporate many non-blooms into our florals throughout the venue too, they did a great job with that direction! We incorporated lots of copper beech and even had leaf-shaped escort cards for our guests.

What words of advice do you have for couples in the midst of their planning?

Emily: It’s important to make the weekend feel personal and unique overall, but don’t sweat too much over some of the smaller details that not all guests will remember.

Can you share any special moments or highlights from your wedding day?

Emily: One of our groomsmen (who accompanied Jason playing music Friday night) assembled an incredible group of talented musicians as a band for our wedding, we also got to work with him to pick every song on our set list. They all have experience playing on Broadway and they brought the Broadway feel to our reception! He had asked us if we would be ok if they performed “The Devil Went Down To Georgia, maybe an unconventional pick for a wedding reception but he knew the fiddle player would absolutely bring the house down…and she did! If guests weren’t out on the floor dancing they were filming that performance in awe. The floor was packed with dancing all night. On a sweeter note, it was really special to have one of our groomsmen serenade us and perform for our first dance, we danced to Joy of My Life by Christ Stapleton. It was a joy to have him perform for my dance with my dad, we danced to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. This was the big highlight: I knew that Jason wanted to perform one song with the band during the reception and I agreed that would be a personal and fun touch to the evening. Little did I know that Jason had secretly written and recorded a song about our relationship and surprised me with it at the reception! When Jason headed toward the band’s stage, I turned to my cousins letting them know I thought he was going to play a Garth Brooks number…but once Jason addressed the crowd, thanked everyone for coming, and revealed what he was about to perform I was immediately a happy of puddle of tears. Somewhere between the last verse and chorus, Jason set down his guitar, rushed down to the floor and swept me off my feet to dance out the rest of the song surrounded by our guests. As one guest described the next morning, “it was like something out of a Hallmark movie!” I wasn’t the only one crying by the end of the song. The song is now available on Spotify (and Apple Music) for us and our guests to relive the moment (Hot Toddies & Bonfires by Jason Broyles)

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your wedding?

Emily: The weekend was so much fun, we and our guests didn’t want it to end! We were so thrilled to incorporate music as a big theme throughout the weekend, it’s part of what makes Nashville so special. The weekend even helped inspire Jason to join the groomsman mentioned above (Matt) in starting a new music venture together. They have independently written songs for special occasions throughout their lives and they are so thrilled to come together and share their love of music with future engaged couples! Jason and Matt will offer a “white glove” service to write, record, and produce custom songs for couples that can be given as a gift, inspire a first dance, father daughter dance, and more!

Talk about happy tears! A special thanks to Mint Springs Farm, Nathan Westerfield Photography, and Emily and Jason for sharing images and your wedding with us! Check out more real weddings here!

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