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Why You Should Consider a Custom Wedding Dress in Nashville from The615Bride featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Why You Should Consider a Custom Wedding Dress in Nashville from The615Bride

An in-home experience with a variety of options, the Build-A-Bride collection from The615Bride is the perfect bridal boutique for those brides looking for a customized wedding dress. From different silhouettes, textures, veils and more, you’re now able to create the dress of your dress. Independent consultant, Sarah, of The615Bride is sharing all the benefits of having a custom look for […]

How an In-Home Wedding Dress Experience is Different Than Shopping in a Store by The615Bride | Nashville

Making the process of finding your dream wedding dress easier, The615Bride which carries the Build-A-Bride line offers a unique, customized experience by bringing an entire boutique to you! This means you’ll get to be in the comfort of your own home without having to jump from dress shop to dress shop. So how does this work exactly? We’re glad you asked! Independent consultant, Sarah is here to tell you all the details on this in-home wedding dress experience. Keep reading to find out more!

Ingram Jewelers: Nashville’s Wedding Jewelry Destination

Looking for the perfect engagement ring or wedding bands? Or maybe even some bridal accessories for your special day? Look no further! Providing quality, customized jewelry to locals, Ingram Jewelers offers jewelry designs that are able to fit any budget. Shelley is here to share more about this wonderful small business. Take a look inside their store, see some designs, and learn more about the company below!