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Mr. Elegant and Modern Meets Mrs. Vintage Boho for this Stunning Fall Wedding

Loveless Cafe is definitely a staple in Nashville but did you know they also provide the opportunity to hosts weddings? With the help of Loveless and Kendall Parson Photography, Jessica and Mikey took advantage of the stunning venue and paired it with a beautiful fall wedding date in October and it was a match made in (roommate) heaven! Roommate heaven because, hint hint, this is how these two met! Jessica stunned us all with her gorgeous dress with elegant beaded detailing and sheer off the shoulder sleeves. Mikey was also a fashion icon with his striped grey and blue suit. See below for MOORE details…

Jessica + Mikey

Ceremony & Reception Locations ~ Loveless Cafe and Events


Guest Count ~ 228

How did you guys meet?

Jessica, the bride: We met at a mutual friend’s going-away cookout. Weirdly enough, one of my friend’s that I had known since the 5th grade was roommates with one of Mikey’s good friends when she moved to Nashville. She was moving and invited me over to her going-away party. Mikey ended up showing up since she was roommates with his really good friend. That was the first time we met.

Tell us about your engagement!

Jessica, the bride: Every year since we’ve been dating, we go to Kayne Prime for my birthday, which is one of our favorite restaurants in Nashville. The day we got engaged, Mikey had arranged for Kayne Prime to reserve the same table where we had our first birthday dinner together when we started dating. He’d also set up a photographer to be hidden in the restaurant, and had flowers and a sign set up at the table when we were seated. The front side of the sign had a picture of us together from the very first night we went out together, which read “Flip me over…”. And on the back of the sign, there was a picture of us from the first vacation we took together to Miami, which read “Marry me?”. When I saw the back of the sign, Mikey was down on one knee ready to propose, and the photographer was in position to capture the moment. Mikey’s parents were also seated in a different part of the restaurant and surprised me after the engagement. All I could say was “Are you serious?!” over and over while trying not to cry. And of course, I said “Yes!” We got to enjoy our favorite meal together afterwards- just the two of us. It was a really special night. We got to FaceTime our families once we got home, and they got to celebrate and talk to us about the secret they had been keeping from me.

What was the vision for your wedding?

Jessica, the bride: Our vision was for our wedding to be warm, fun, and filled with love. We wanted to have amazing food, great people, and great music. We love food, so it was important to us that we had great food. We always remember the specific weddings that we have attended where the food was amazing, so that was our top priority. Enter in: Loveless Cafe. Loveless was the perfect venue that felt true to our southern upbringings, and they have the best food. It was perfect.

What was your theme and what inspired it?

Jessica, the bride: Our theme was rustic elegance with light-hearted whimsical highlights. The inspiration came from a mix of our personal styles. I am more boho/vintage, while Mikey is more elegant and modern. We always have a nice balance when we work together on styles in our home, on our outfits, and now on our wedding.

What details were used to create your theme?

Jessica, the bride: We kept Fall as our overarching inspiration for colors. So we had a lot of terracotta, sage, and deep green. We then had blushes and creams to accompany that. I felt like terracotta was a color that would be flattering for everyone. I let the bridal crew pick any shade/material/style of terracotta dress and it ended up looking amazing.

Where did you splurge? Where did you save/DIY?

Jessica, the bride: We splurged on getting a full wedding planner/day-of coordinator. It isn’t necessarily something you HAVE to have, but it makes the entire planning process so much smoother. For example, instead of searching through 30 vendors for something, reading all of the reviews, narrowing it down to 3 or 4, setting up a call with each of them, deciding from the top 2, etc. Your wedding planner will give you the options, set up the call with your favorite 3 vendors, and then you guys get to make the decision. It takes out having to do tiny tasks that end up feeling overwhelming when you have so much on your plate. Decision fatigue will happy fast if you have to make all of the tiny decisions. Another splurge was the videographer. We were both so glad we had video footage from our day once it was all over. We spared the tiny details with our initials on it. I.e. customized napkins, programs, and tissue paper for your invitations. Those things can add up fast, and we didn’t think it really mattered in the end. If you have a bigger wedding, I wouldn’t DIY anything if you can help it. It takes so much of your time, which you don’t have much of!

What words of advice do you have for couples in the midst of their planning?

Jessica, the bride: Start early and don’t let the planning pile up. Do a little bit every week, and it will end up being manageable. That was the key for us, and it didn’t feel too stressful at all. Also, if you can pick a venue that has all of the processes such as lighting, tenting, bar, seating, etc. streamlined, that will help you feel more at ease.

Can you share any special moments or highlights from your wedding day?

Jessica, the bride: One of the sweetest moments was when I walked down the aisle. My sister was walking me down, and the string quartet was playing. Mikey and I were crying, and I couldn’t wait to get up there to stand with him. It really felt like it was just us in that moment. Then, Mikey’s sister surprised everyone and officiated our wedding for us. To top it off, Mikey’s brother was his best man. It was so special having our siblings so close to us for this important moment.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your wedding?

Jessica, the bride: Try to make your wedding what you want it to be. It’s your special day, so it should be filled with things that you both love. We had a funfetti wedding cake and a buffet with southern food. It was absolutely amazing!

Jessica and Mikey knew one thing they wanted for their wedding day. And that was GREAT food! That’s why they ultimately decided to have their fall wedding at Loveless Events where their ceremony and reception took place and catered the most amazing southern meal you’ve ever had. Of course a lovely team of vendors led by Stacia Powers Events pulled together a beautiful fall wedding. Thank you so much to Jessica and Mikey for sharing your lovely day along with Kendall Parson for these stunning images! Find more real weddings here!


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