This Couple’s Dance Floor Got Shut Down – Lauren & Noah’s Real Wedding

Lauren & Noah patiently waited for their dream wedding reception at Belle Meade Plantation with Rebecca Musayev as their photographer due to the pandemic , and boy; aren’t we glad they did! Everything from the ceremony, the table clothes, the cake, the scenery, the reception was stunning. Thank you Lauren and Noah for continuing to plan your special day despite the trials 2020 created!

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Lauren and Noah Black live in Saint Louis, MO with their two cats, George and Lyndon. Lauren and Noah met as undergrad students at Vanderbilt University and tied the knot in Nashville in June of 2020. Lauren is now a pediatric resident at Washington University in Saint Louis and Noah works as a Director of Finance for Frontier Communications. We recently moved from Dallas to Saint Louis and have loved our time exploring both cities. We are huge fans of ice cream and custard (we actually had Jeni’s Ice Creams catered at our wedding)! 

Lauren + Noah

June 19th, 2021

Belle Meade Plantation ~ Nashville, TN

How did y’all meet? Tell us more about your story and your relationship together!

Lauren & Noah: We met as undergraduate students at Vanderbilt through mutual friends and a Christian campus ministry. We started dating during the end of our sophomore year. Senior year, Lauren knew she wanted to go to medical school, and Noah was planning to work at an investment bank. When Lauren got into medical school in Dallas, we were so thankful for the opportunity to move to the same city and continue to pursue our relationship together. 

Let’s move on to the proposal! Can you describe the moment you said ‘Yes’?

Lauren & Noah: We got engaged on Vanderbilt’s campus. Noah dropped Lauren off at the airport on a Friday under the guise of her flying to Nashville to go to the Country Music Festival with her best friends. That Saturday, her friends suggested stopping by campus on the way downtown to take a few photos. We were walking up the stops to a beautiful building on campus when my friends stepped back and grabbed my purse. Noah was standing beside a table with a photo of us and a red rose. Our parents and friends popped out to surprise us just after the engagement and we spent the rest of the weekend celebrating all together! 

Tell us all about the wedding planning process – how long were you engaged? 

Lauren & Noah: We got engaged June 2019 and planned a wedding for June of 2020. As June 2020 approached, we knew that things were going to look different than we initially planned. We ended up having our wedding at Covenant Presbyterian and delaying our large wedding reception at Belle Meade by a year to our one year anniversary weekend. Looking back, we wouldn’t wish things to be any other way. We are grateful to have had both an intimate wedding with our immediate families and wedding parties and then a large celebration and vow renewal one year later.

What was it like choosing your vendors and your venue? 

Lauren & Noah: We planned our wedding completely remotely as Noah and I both were living in Dallas. We knew that hiring a wedding planner would be a huge support for us and found Alice Hendry through the recommendation of Belle Meade. When we got engaged, Lauren had been dreaming of Covenant Presbyterian as the church to be married in. We also loved choosing a wedding photographer. We found Rebecca Musayev through looking at Nashville photographers online. I loved her use of lighting to capture timeless photos of her couples. 

What were some special moments from your day?

Lauren & Noah: We were married by the pastor from our undergraduate campus ministry, who we had gotten to know individually and as a couple. We loved being surrounded by our closest friends and family as we entered into marriage. 

At our wedding reception at Belle Meade, we loved being surrounded by our extended families and friends. We loved dancing the night away to the Blue Tone band. During the father-daughter dance, Lauren’s father arranged for her grandfather to cut in for part of the dance which was a really sweet part of the evening.


Were there any moments where you had to improvise or go off-script?

Lauren & Noah: Our wedding being in June 2020 meant a lot of improvisation. We ended up having a small ceremony and dinner following it. When we look back on it, we wouldn’t have wished it to be any other way.  

What advice would you give someone planning their wedding now?

Lauren & Noah: While wedding details feel all important and can be really fun to plan, it’s all about entering into the next phase of your life together surrounded by your friends and family! 

From the photographer, Rebecca Musayev:

As a wedding photographer, I have been privileged to witness countless love stories unfold, but few have left me as spellbound as the union of Lauren and Noah at the breathtaking Belle Meade Historic Site & Winery in Nashville, Tennessee. Their wedding day was a balance of elegance and romance, flowered in blush tones and filled with unforgettable moments that will forever be etched in the hearts of their guests.

The moment I stepped onto the Belle Meade Historic Site’s estate, I was greeted by a sea of blush-toned florals that seemed to be plucked from a fairytale. The wedding’s color palette was a dreamy blend of soft pinks, delicate creams, and muted golds, creating an atmosphere that was nothing short of enchanting. The blush blooms, Lauren Marie Atkinson Designs, were woven into every aspect of the day, from Lauren’s exquisite bouquet to the charming centerpieces that adorned the reception tables, ice cream cart, and ceremony area.

Lauren’s wedding gown from Martina Liana was a masterpiece, with delicate lace adorned all over. It was only fitting that their wedding cake piping was a resemblance to the intricate lacework on her dress. The cake was a true work of art, with lace-like patterns meticulously handcrafted by the talented bakers at Dessert Designs By Lealand. Little details like this truly tied in the overall ambiance of the wedding, and allowed guests to experience Lauren and Noah’s vision throughout the day.

The reception tent took on a magical ambiance as everyone gathered there after cocktail hour. Blush drapery billowed gently in the breeze, and strings of soft, glowing lights crisscrossed above the guests, creating a fairytale-like canopy. The tent felt like a haven of romance, where Lauren and Noah’s love story unfolded with every toast, and heartfelt speech.

As the sun began to dip below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow over the plantation, the Nashville Blue Tones took the stage. Their soulful tunes and electrifying performance set the perfect backdrop for Lauren and Noah’s first dance as a married couple. The dance floor was alive with joy as guests swayed to the music, creating an atmosphere of pure bliss that I was honored to capture. Nothing sweeter than generations of love sharing a dance floor!

An ice cream bar, courtesy of Jeni’s Ice Cream, was a delightful surprise that had everyone young and old beaming with joy. Guests could choose from an array of mouthwatering flavors chosen by the bride and groom, and it was the perfect treat to beat the summer heat. I couldn’t resist sneaking a scoop for myself!

Lauren and Noah’s wedding at Belle Meade Historic Site & Winery was a day that radiated love, elegance, and joy. As their photographer, I had the privilege of capturing each fleeting moment, subtle stolen glances, and the tender love that filled the room. It was a day when all the elements of their curated wedding design seamlessly came together to create a story of love that will be cherished for generations to come. Cheers to Lauren and Noah, the embodiment of a love that blooms eternally.

Show Notes

Lauren and Noah Black share their wedding story, which includes two weddings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They met in college and got engaged after graduating. The couple had to navigate the challenges of planning a wedding during a pandemic, including changing venues and guest restrictions. They had a small ceremony with immediate family and a year later, had a larger reception with friends and extended family. The couple advises other couples to focus on the meaning of the wedding and not get caught up in the small details.

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