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From Middle School to Marriage – Longtime Friends Find Love

Oh, it’s “puppy love”. That’s what they say many times when you have a crush in middle school but when Lisa and Mac had their first kiss and it was to each other, maybe it was more than puppy love though. Because many years later, they have found each other again and knew it was meant to be. World’s collided in Nashville for these two and they found a way to honor each other’s special parts of themselves through their fall wedding day. One of which includes Drakewood Farms! Lisa and Mac took to three important locations to have their ceremony to reception, each of which are important in their own special way to one another. See below to find out more!

Lisa + Mac

October 11, 2023

Ceremony ~ Drakewood Farm

Wedding Photoshoot ~ The Parthenon

Reception ~ International Market

Tell us a bit about your relationship.

Lisa: My husband and I actually met attending the same middle school in Bethesda, MD…. I was his first kiss in his dads basement! We kept in touch and stayed friends for 30+ years. After attending different colleges (he went to Boston and I went to UMD and some grad at NYU), he eventually moved out to LA, while I stayed in the DC area. We watched each other navigate life and other relationships for decades, offering advice and support, and then after the pandemic hit and major life changes for both of us, he landed in Nashville. Prior to the pandemic, he had left his lucrative job in the corporate world to pursue his passion – he put himself through culinary school and graduated top of his class. The following year, a former culinary professor, Arnold Myint, reached out. His family was well known in the Nashville culinary community and he wanted to (re)open his late mother’s restaurant, International Market; he wanted my (now) husband to move to Nashville to work as the chef.

I was still in the DC area but had left my career in the corporate world as well (I had been doing marketing and communications in commercial real estate development) and was considering relocating. 

Worlds aligned and Mac and I got together and started dating. He had been living in Nashville in the Belmont area for a bit over a year, working at the restaurant and initially considered moving back to DC. After a lot of research, we decided that we preferred the Nashville area to raise my 12 year old daughter, plus he loved his job, so we started searching for a home and eventually relocated. It’s been a huge change but we love it!

Tell us about your engagement!

Lisa: We were on his annual family trip to Jamaica in January 2023 at Bluefields Bay, which is an amazing all inclusive luxury resort in the Montego Bay area. He scheduled a massage for me and while I was busy, he set up a cooler at the gazebo on the ocean… After the massage we went down there to relax at the ocean and have a drink. He asked me to grab a drink from the cooler and when I opened it, it was filled with flowers and a circular wooden box – with my dad’s grandmother’s ring that my dad had proposed to my mom with and she wore it for 25+ years. He had it resized. 

Tell us about your wedding!

Lisa: We got married on October 11, 2023 in an intimate ceremony in the woods just outside Nashville. The ceremony was at Drakewood and then took a bus to the Parthenon for sightseeing/professional photos. My educational background is classical humanities and ancient art history and archaeology, so the Parthenon tied into that. Then we bussed to the International Market for the reception. It was extremely special and fun to have our venues reflect unique pieces of us. Those present were family and close friends, each traveling to celebrate this special time with us. The groom’s best man was his father and wedding speeches were from high school best friends. 

Where did you get your dress/attire?

Lisa: The dress is by Justin Alexander and I purchased it at Say Yes for Less in Potomac, MD – it (and matching sleeves) was altered and reworked at Only One Tailoring in Nashville, TN. Shoes are Badgley Mischka and jewelry is Dareth Colburn.

What was the vision & theme for your wedding? What details were used to create this vision?

Lisa: It was a small, non traditional ceremony in a wooded setting. We had a long time friend as our officiant and used a binding cord instead of exchanging traditional vows. Settings were prioritized over decor, and we planned 3 locations that represented us both individually and collectively. 

Where did you splurge? Where did you save?

Lisa: Splurged on the dress (this was a fiasco, but was gorgeous in the end)splurged on transportation – so that we could go to multiple locationssplurged on photography – added professional shots at the Parthenon  saved on the flowers – since the ceremony was outside and we minimized decor saved on the groom’s suit – got a great Ralph Lauren suit on sale at Macys saved on jewelry – bought most of it used from Poshmark

What is your best piece of advice for others planning their wedding?

Lisa: Don’t get hung up on all the little details and focus on being in the moment!It’s one day and it goes FAST. Don’t waste time and energy stressing over little things that only matter to you – no one else really cares (not to be insensitive, but, it’s true!). People don’t necessarily remember the type of flowers you have, but they will remember the experience. Have FUN!

Can you share your favorite memory or any special moments from the day?

Lisa: I was about to bawl my eyes out preparing to walk down the aisle.My father is deceased, so my brother was walking me….He is very stoic. But, when I got to him, he was so emotional…I went into big sister mode and started reassuring him (and myself).It was so special and also distracted me a bit from breaking down. It meant so much to have him there with me and that was absolutely a very special memory. 
We actually had wrapped my dad’s handkerchief around my bouquet, so he walked with us. My grandmother’s hummingbird necklace that my mom wore when she got married did too. We were surrounded by so much love, represented by people and also objects.
I have to say that by far, my most favorite time of the day was taking all the pictures and having that private and special time with my husband

It’s truly beautiful when you can find a way to honor each other and express it through your wedding day! Congratulations to Lisa and Mac. Thank you to Ace Photography for sharing these images with us!


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