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Tap Truck Nashville Launch Party featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Tap Truck Nashville Launch Party Recap

Tap Truck Nashville has officially launched and we couldn’t be more excited for them! The mobile beverage business, held their special event at Diskin Cider with the best local brews, fun entertainment, and tons of Nashville natives making way to help celebrate! It may have been raining that day, but we would never know from […]

Wedding Food Trend: Grazing Tables from Chef’s Market

When it comes to style and fashion, the one thing you can be sure of is that not a thing under the sun is new. What’s new and hot this season is likely a re-engineered relic from days gone by. Every decade or so, fashion that you never thought you would see again raises its head. Sometimes that head is ugly.  Take macramé, for example. It was a flash in the pan in the 70s and thankfully was only a flash in the pan last year. More positively, mid-century furniture has been as hot as a pop-up toaster for the last couple of years. Even the very style of color seems to come in phases, as after a decade of every shade of white, we’re seeing the unashamed bold colors of Memphis style come back into vogue this year.