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Fall Wedding Drink Options from Tap Truck Nashville

From the decor, to the crisp air, to the beautiful colors, we love a good fall wedding! This time of year is also a great for incorporating seasonal drinks into your bar menu. If your a couple planning for an autumn soiree, you’re going to love learning about these fall wedding drink options from Tap Truck Nashville! See what they recommend and how they can help take your drink list to the next level!

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We love the variety of options Tap Truck Nashville offers in your vintage truck! How would you suggest couples go about planning their drink menus for their fall weddings?

Sean and Kay: Part of the fun in planning drinks for weddings is matching the menu to the season. It should be no surprise that summer brings out the lighter, more refreshing options while winter tends to usher in darker, fuller options. However, make no mistake, fall has its impressive line-up of beverages as well. From beer to cocktails, there is no shortage of options our couples can choose from. When mapping out beverage options, we typically recommend our couples take into consideration the seasonal flavors that both they and their guests can enjoy…apple, cranberry, cloves, orange, cinnamon, pumpkin…each of these make great fall beverages!

Are there certain cocktail mixes that can come on tap from your truck? If so, are there any great fall flavors?

Sean and Kay: So many! With “His and Her’s” cocktails on the rise, we think some great fall cocktails include an Apple Cider Champagne Cocktail, Orange-Thyme Old Fashioned, Bourbon and Spiced Pear Cocktail, or Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule. Each of these (and many others) combine great fall flavors and make for an incredible cocktail! More than that, they can all be easily kegged up and served from our truck!

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What fall beers would you recommend for a wedding?

Sean and Kay: You can’t have a beer option without including a great Oktoberfest or Pumpkin Stout! These are fuller beers that completely embody the season they’re most typically released in. In addition to these great brews, other terrific options include Coffee Stouts, Peanut Butter (or Maple) Ales, and German-style Lagers.

Do you recommend specific wines for fall?

Sean and Kay: Contrary to popular belief it’s ‘ok’ to sip on a rosé in the fall. It should just be the right kind. There are more full-bodied white and pink wines that could pair very well with a plate of turkey and stuffing. To ensure you’re getting a solid red option for the fall, consider a great Pinot Noir or Zin.

Fall Wedding Drink Options from Tap Truck Nashville featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Are there any non-alcoholic drinks that are great for a cold fall night?

Sean and Kay: One of the things that makes our truck so unique is that we’re also able to offer our couples fantastic non-alcoholic options as well! For a cool fall wedding, consider a great cider or coffee.

How many drink options can the tap truck accommodate?

Sean and Kay: With 5 taps, there’s plenty of room to accommodate every guest’s fall flavor of choice! We typically see our couples go with one of the two following combinations: – Two (2) beer varieties, Two (2) wines, and a cocktail or non-alcoholic option – Two (2) beer varieties, Two (2) cocktail options, and a non-alcoholic option with wine service by/from the bottle

Fall Wedding Drink Options from Tap Truck Nashville featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Is there anything else you’d like to share about fall wedding drink menus?

Sean and Kay: There’s nothing more enjoyable than seeing how versatile our truck can be. There are literally so many drink options and combinations to choose from! We know, however, that as exciting as this can be for us, it can be incredibly overwhelming for our couples. Let us help relieve some of that tension. Sit back, relax, and sip on a great fall brew. We’ll take it from here.

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Tap Truck Nashville is always sharing the best advice! Thanks so much to the experts, Sean and Kay, for sharing these fall wedding drink options with us! For more information, be sure to head to their website or Instagram!

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