BarBees Bartending: The Journey from Sipping Cocktails to Shark Tank

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Welcome to The Wedding Reporter Podcast! Today, we’re thrilled to dive into the fascinating journey of BarBees Bartending, a mobile cocktail class company that’s been shaking up private events across the US. Founded by Jess Blakley and Willow Sprague, BarBees Bartending is more than just mixing drinks; it’s about creating vibrant, memorable experiences that bring people together.

From Weddings to Shark Tank

Jess and Willow’s journey began in 2019 when they launched BarBees as an event bartending service, primarily catering to weddings and large private events. However, like many businesses, they faced a significant pivot when COVID-19 hit. Adapting to the new normal, they transitioned to virtual cocktail classes, which ultimately led them to explore the niche of in-person cocktail experiences. Little did they know, this evolution would land them a spot on the renowned TV show, Shark Tank.

Embracing Change and Expansion

Despite being a service-based business in a show predominantly featuring products, Jess and Willow seized the opportunity. Their journey on Shark Tank wasn’t just about securing a deal; it was about showcasing their passion, resilience, and the unique experience BarBees offers. While they initially focused on the wedding industry, they soon found their sweet spot in bachelorette parties, becoming a staple in pre-wedding celebrations.

From Pitch to Partnership

Walking onto the Shark Tank stage, Jess and Willow captivated the Sharks with their infectious energy and innovative business model. Although they faced the pressure of negotiating deals on national television, their authenticity shone through. Daniel Lubetzky’s offer resonated with them immediately, aligning with their vision for BarBees. With Daniel’s investment and guidance, they’ve taken BarBees to new heights, expanding to multiple cities and solidifying their presence in the bachelorette scene.

Beyond the Tank: Building a Lasting Legacy

Post-Shark Tank, Jess and Willow continue to make waves in the cocktail industry. Daniel’s team has provided invaluable support, helping BarBees amplify its brand and reach. What started as a fun idea during their college days has blossomed into a thriving business, bringing joy and connection to countless celebrations.

A Toast to the Future

As BarBees Bartending embarks on its next chapter, one thing remains certain: their commitment to creating unforgettable experiences. With each cocktail class, they not only teach mixology skills but also foster meaningful connections. Whether it’s a bachelorette bash or a corporate event, BarBees brings people together, one sip at a time.

Show Notes

BarBees Mobile Cocktails is a mobile cocktail class company that started as an event bartending service. Their business has evolved to focus on bachelorette parties and corporate events, with 62% of their business coming from bachelorette parties. They currently operate in 11 cities across the US. The founders, Jess Blakley and Willow Sprague, started the business after attending bartending school together. They applied and were selected to appear on Shark Tank, which helped them refine their business and become better entrepreneurs. They received a deal from Daniel Lubetzky and his team has been supportive in helping them with PR and getting the word out. They have decided to focus on expanding in the cities they are already in before considering further expansion. They offer both in-person and virtual classes, catering to different groups and occasions.

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