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Meet the Nashville Wedding Planner's Group on Nashville Bride Guide!

Meet the Nashville Wedding Planner’s Group

Combining their passions for the industry and many years of experience with building a community to learn and grow, meet the Nashville Wedding Planner’s Group. Together, these wedding planners aim to bounce ideas and knowledge off of one another through their membership meetings to ultimately make sure couples have their dream wedding day. Learn more […]

To Have a First Look or Not? From Jet Set Planning

So hey, you’re engaged! The decisions will come piling on, but one important decision in the wedding planning process is “should I have a first look?“. And what is a first look? It’s that special moment where you and your beau see each other all dressed up for your wedding before you walk down the aisle! So should you, or shouldn’t you? Today we have Nashville wedding planner Randi of Jet Set Planning here to explain it all to us – the good and the bad – regarding your wedding first look. It’s completely up to you as a couple, but hopefully her guest post today will make that decision just a little bit easier for you! Take it away, Randi!