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    Meghan Melia Kindsvater
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    I find that most images I am inspired by are the frames after the fact or in between. The moments where you let your guard down, your breath exhale and your shoulders return to their natural stance. The ones that wholly represent who you are and your connection to the people near you. It could be your grandmother watching you from across the room, or the way your partner gently brushes your hair from your face. My goal is for a person looking at one of my photographs to genuinely feel it deep in their guts. To preserve a moment in time so that even those who weren’t actually there can remember every detail, every emotion, the way the air smelled, or the sound of the music, for decades to come. I spend a lot of time acting as a witness to life’s very best memories. And for that, I am incredibly thankful. 

    The first time I felt my heart race while looking at an image I had created, I knew I had found what people spend their whole lives searching for. I am incredibly honored to be considered to play such an important role in your love story. Thank you for inviting me in. 

    Collections begin at $2800.

    Mention NBG and get 20% off total collection total to first five bookings, 10% following that.