Creative Nashville Wedding at The Public House at Urban Cowboy

Creative Nashville Wedding at The Public House at Urban Cowboy by Meghan Melia Photography

Megan and Ben knew just what elements to bring together to add a little drama and a lot of romance to their creative Nashville wedding. With a profession working in art, Megan wanted uniqueness to shine through the details while maintaining the intimacy of close family and friends. The Public House at Urban Cowboy was a great foundation for this vibe that was complete with jewel tones, art deco crowns handmade by friends, an art table for kids, and a menu that consisted of pizza for dinner and pie for dessert. The whole day carries great personality which Meghan Melia Photography captured beautifully! Enjoy the highlights below!

Megan + Ben

The Public House at Urban Cowboy

Guests ~ 50

Tell us about your engagement!

Megan: Over the NBA playoffs and the third season of POSE on Netflix, Ben proposed to Megan at the Bobby Hotel in Nashville. She said, “yes.” 🙂

What was the vision for your wedding?

Megan: Small, glamorous, intimate.

What was your theme and what inspired it?

Megan: “French Renaissance Still-Life Vibes”: moody, vampire, winter wedding in a deconstructed garden of dramatic jewel tones.

Can you share any special moments or highlights from your wedding day?

Megan: I work in art, and Ben loves it. Many of our friends are artists, musicians, and creators, so it was important to make art the centerpiece of our wedding. Our two friends married us in a ceremony, crowning us with handmade, Art Deco crowns. Our friend performed a song he had composed for us. We had a pizza party with pie for dessert and an art table for fun.

What are some tips you can share with other brides planning their weddings?

Megan: 1. Interview a few wedding planners to ensure you find one who understands your vision — especially if you are going for a nontraditional feel. You don’t want to go with someone with a traditional wedding background. 2. Trust your intuition with vendors; if they aren’t making you feel like you are the most important person in the room (and they are actively making your life more difficult), don’t go with them. No matter how wonderful their work is, you will find someone who provides a similar service AND helps you during this very stressful period. 3. We had a tight budget. If you do, too, pick a few vendors most important to you and focus on how you can do the most with what you have. Floral arrangements were a top priority, but each type of flower we loved was super expensive. Petals & Stem worked with us to create sculptural arrangements that made the most out of every bloom. They also considered what was in the space, so the venue and flowers played off each other. Also, we wanted a fabulous photographer, so we went with the best but limited time with her. However, one of my biggest regrets was not booking Meghan for the entire day. The shots she captured were full of life, and I want more! 4. Be adventurous with the venue. Again, this is good for a tight budget because if you find a unique space, that means you need fewer objects to fill it. Public House at Urban Cowboy was the perfect venue for us because it had built-in charm and personality, plus came with tables, chairs, decor, and art.

Thanks for inspiring us with your creative Nashville wedding Megan and Ben!

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