Narrows of Harpeth Engagement Session with Meghan Melia Photography

Endearing Engagement Session at Narrows of Harpeth

When the photos from the talented Meghan Melia Photography of this endearing engagement session at Narrows of Harpeth came across our desks we were instantly smitten! While Halie and Kyle currently reside in Dallas, they wanted to highlight their love for Nashville with the prettiest outdoor photos. Their initial plan was to have their wedding day in Nashville, but due to COVID-19 they decided to hold their celebration closer to home. It makes these images of their love that they do have captured here that much more special! From their style and the incredible views to the flirty splashes in the water and the connection between this cute couple, you’re surely in for a treat with this one!

How did the couple get engaged? Tell us about the proposal.

Meghan: (From Halie’s initial contact form): My name is Halie, and my best friend/fiancé is Kyle. We met when we were 16 in high school, both attending the Certified Nursing Assistant program. I wasn’t too sure about him at first, but after some persuasion I agreed to go on a movie date with Kyle. I will never forget how hard he tried to hold my hand and get me to give him a kiss in the movie theatre, but I had never had a boyfriend before and I was sooo scared. After that movie I just knew I liked him more than any boy I’d ever talked to. I knew after about one month in that I wanted to marry him and that he was the man for me. I loved spending every moment I could with him and I still do. On my best days he’s been there, and on my worst. He is the kindest, most patient, loving and handsome man I know and I couldn’t imagine my life without him in it. We ended up wanting to go to the same college together, and oddly enough we had both always wanted to pursue nursing. We started college at Texas Tech and after 2 years in Lubbock we decided we wanted to come home, Kyle continued to pursue nursing and finished school on May 15th of this year. Kyle still became a nurse in the middle of a pandemic! I switched my major to health studies, graduated on the 9th, and now advocate for women that have been victims of domestic sex trafficking. We love spending time with our 3 fur babies, 2 cats and one dog, and she keeps us busy most of the time. We love all things food and are always cooking and trying new foods everywhere we go. Family is incredibly important to us as we both come from blended families that we want to all come together on our wedding day. Our wedding situation is different because we are wanting to elope, and Cheekwood allows for 20 people to be in attendance.

How many guests are you expecting?

Meghan: Originally Kyle + Halie were planning for an intimate ceremony at Cheekwood Mansion in Nashville, TN. Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions and the desire to have all of their family present they decided to instead host their ceremony and reception at home near Dallas, TX. From Halie’s initial email, “My vision for that day is just for Kyle and I to get to be together with our nearest and dearest family members and that’s really all that matters to me.”

Tell us about the engagement session. Where did it take place?

Meghan: The engagement session took place at Narrows of the Harpeth in Kingston Springs, TN. The couple traveled into Nashville to view their initial venue, have their engagement session and enjoy some yummy food in the city. It was incredibly hot the day of but Halie hiked all the way up to the highest views in heels and a dress with ease. We had perfect evening light to spotlight the beautiful connection between these two. Kyle + Halie were carefree + laughed all throughout. At the end of the session they kicked off their shoes and got their feet wet in the man made falls below.

What’s the significance of the location?

Meghan: Kyle + Halie stated that they just adore Nashville and hope to relocate here in the future. They really wanted the session to feel like they were in the hills of Tennessee which is why I recommended Narrows of the Harpeth.

What was it like working with your photographer?

Halie: Meghan we are crying again. You are amazing!!!

What did you like most about the session?

Meghan: As the photographer I personally loved observing how attentive Kyle was to Halie throughout our adventure. The hike is short but strenuous and the way they cared for each other throughout was incredibly endearing. They truly just enjoyed sharing space with one another, playing in the water, and making beautiful memories during their engagement process.

We’re living for all of this! If you love what you saw in this endearing engagement session at Narrows of Harpeth be sure to reach out to Meghan Melia Photography!


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