Cozy Disco Wedding at The Cordelle Nashville

Cozy Disco Wedding at The Cordelle by Meghan Melia Photography

Warm, yet fun it is so darn easy to fall in love with Malina and Perry’s cozy disco wedding at The Cordelle. The two wanted to create a relaxing atmosphere for family and friends with great food, delicious drinks, and tons of dancing. They made it happen with assistance from Inspired Help. Gorgeous flowers brought color to the space with shimmering disco balls bringing just enough edge. In addition to the eye-catching details, there was meaningful decor present too. Only Meghan Melia Photography would be able to capture the essence of this celebration so well. We’re so excited for you to see these highlights that we’ve been loving!

Malina + Perry

The Cordelle ~ Nashville


Guests ~ 80

What was the vision for your wedding?

Malina: More than anything, we wanted to get people together in a warm and relaxed setting that best reflected the two of us. After the stress and turmoil of a number of global crises, our priority was for folks to come, relax, eat a ton, drink, and dance like hell.

What was your theme and what inspired it?

Malina: We didn’t have a hard and fast theme per se, but there was a general vibe we were shooting for. Among our friends, we joked that our theme was “fall at West Elm.” Imagine this: the leaves are changing outside, and there’s a refreshing chill in the air. You’ve got a chai latte in hand, and you’re wearing a cozy sweater. You decide to go window shopping a bit, so you meander into the modern and warm setting of… West Elm. There you go! However, if I were to put it into layman’s terms, I’d say our theme was more like “cozy disco.”

Can you share any special moments or highlights from your wedding day?

Malina: Perry loves doing the New York Times crossword, so I was able to surprise Perry with a custom crossword puzzle for our friends and family to fill out during cocktail hour. I created clues all about us (such as “where did Perry go on his bachelor trip?” and “what shape is the diamond in Malina’s engagement ring?”), and our guests got a huge kick out of trying to solve our puzzle! My grandfather, who we call Papa, is a talented poet, so we asked him to write an original poem and read it during our ceremony. It was such a touching gift that we will always be grateful for. Nearly a dozen years ago, our college theatre friends choreographed a truly unhinged dance to the chart-topping pop song “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry. Characterized by enthusiastic pantomiming and pelvic thrusts, this dance gets busted out at any wedding or gathering at which there are, say, six or more theatre nerds present. Perry (my husband, not Katy), our friends, and myself of course brought this boogie to life during our reception – much to the confusion of our families and work colleagues!

What are some tips you can share with other brides planning their weddings?

Malina: 1. Take the time to discuss with your partner what aspects of your wedding are the most important and how best to prioritize your time and money. Keep in mind that as you get further into the planning process and start meeting with vendors, it will be ultimately up to you and your future spouse to be disciplined about the budget priorities you agreed upon earlier. 2. On the day of, adopt what I called a “lazy river mentality.” Once you get to the big day, you’ve done everything you needed to do to prepare. The wheels of the day are in motion, and hopefully you’ve got a planning team and vendors who are pros. All you need to do now is enjoy and be present. Instead of stressing and worrying about the napkins or hors d’oeuvres, envision yourself in a tube on a lazy river, letting the waves of the day gently take you along. Your family, bridal party, and vendors will take care of the rest.

Your cozy disco wedding at The Cordelle truly was a dream, Malina and Perry! Congratulations and thank you for letting us feature your special day.

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