Pros and Cons of a Second Shooter at Your Wedding

Should I Hire a Second Photographer for My Wedding?

On the fence about having a second shooter in addition to your wedding photographer for you wedding day? We hear you! With industry costs rising and budgets that need to be maintained, it can be hard to know where to put your focus. But if we’re being honest, choosing a second photographer to be a part of your celebration is something couples most often don’t regret! Why is having one beneficial? What exactly is their role if you already have a photographer? Kéra Photography is dishing all the details to these popular questions and giving her expert advice. If you’ve found yourself asking “should I hire an second photographer for my wedding?” keep on reading!

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Should a couple hire a second photographer for their wedding? Let us know your thoughts!

Kéra Photography: A second photographer is a must have for your wedding day. Not only do second photographers provide a different perspective, they also allow for time efficiencies within the timeline. For example; typically my second photographer is capturing the candid moments in a bridal suite while I’m capturing the flat lay details and vignettes. It’s helpful to have a second pair of eyes in moments like this to ensure we don’t miss a thing. The only situations I don’t necessarily recommend an second photographer is when the couple is choosing to have an intimate wedding celebration or eloping altogether.

What is the job of a second photographer?

Kéra Photography: An second photographer does so much during the wedding day — essentially they are extension of the main photographer! They not only provide a different perspective on wedding days but they are able to be in places the main photographer cannot. For example, it’s not uncommon for my second photographer to be capturing the cocktail hour with guests while I’m with the couple art directing their portraits.

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What are the pros to hiring a second photographer?

Kéra Photography: I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but I believe there are ONLY pros to hiring a second photographer. They are extension of the main photographer and can only add value to your wedding day images.

What is the typical cost of adding on a second photographer to your photography package?

Kéra Photography: Most wedding photographers will include a second photographer in their packages because they are such an essential piece of the wedding day flow. It’s very unlikely you will see a second photographer listed on an “a la carte” list. They are priceless.

Does a second photographer work less hours on your wedding than your main photographer?

Kéra Photography: Believe it or not, most second photographers are there from beginning to end as an extension to the main photographer.

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This is great insight, Kéra! Thank you so much for sharing!

To sum this post up briefly, the next time you find yourself asking “should I hire a second photographer for my wedding? The answer is YES!


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