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Wedding Affected by COVID-19? Have a Plan B Elopement with Promise Mountain

These unprecedented times have left some couples postponing or cancelling what should be one of the most exciting days of their lives. Was your wedding affected by COVID-19? If so, consider a Plan B elopement with Promise Mountain. They have thought through every detail so that you don’t have to wait any longer to say I do. Learn more about what they have to say in the interview below and get inspired by a real Nashville couple who took the plunge after their wedding was postponed!

We know so many weddings have been postponed due to COVID-19. How is Promise Mountain helping those couples?

Michaela: Sadly, due to the global impact of COVID-19 we have heard of a lot of couple’s needing to post-pone or even cancel their weddings for now. Our goal is to provide a way for couple’s to be married now, and to celebrate later with their friends. With our Plan B Waterfall Adventure Elopement package we take care of the details and simplify the process of eloping and turn it into a fun adventure out in the beautiful waterfalls surrounding Nashville.

What all is included in the Plan B Waterfall Adventure Elopement Package?

Michaela: For our Plan B Waterfall Adventure Elopement package we are offering all planning, professional wedding photography, wedding ceremony with officiating and a fresh bouquet of flowers. We are a 2 person team with extensive knowledge of the region and the surrounding area so we help you pick out the best location that feels most like you. For your safety and ours we maintain a proper social distance during the whole thing and being that it’s out in the fresh air it’s one of the safest and best ways to be married. For an additional fee we can provide a simple ceremony video for your family to see afterwards (and in some locations we can offer a live stream). *These packages are designed for the couple only, but we do offer micro-wedding options available for friends and family (up to 30) available once the restrictions are lifted.

We understand this couple chose to go with the elopement package after their wedding was postponed. Tell us why they decided to go with the Plan B Package!

Michaela: In the case of our clients, Nathan and Korene, who eloped in March as a result of COVID-19, they kept their reception venue but rescheduled their date and plan to have a party later with their friends and family. However, it was important to them to move forward with the marriage and that’s where we came in. With just two days notice, we planned and made their TN waterfall wedding dream a reality. Not only was it incredibly special, filled with wonder and all the happy tears to match but it also reminded us why we love making these packages happen. Getting the chance to make a way for people to be married during this hard time is honestly one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. We hope that more couples that don’t want to wait to be married can jump on board and see their wedding dreams happen just like Nathan and Korene.

What was the elopement like from the couple’s perspective?

From Nathan + Korene: Just like any other engaged couple, we weren’t expecting an epidemic to impact our wedding plans the way it did, but with a little help from Promise Mountain, our elopement dreams came true! Our day was so sweet and so intimate, and it truly made us forget about COVID-19. The best part is that our elopement didn’t feel like a backup plan to us. It felt so natural! A day that could have been stressful, Promise Mountain made peaceful and unforgettable. We wouldn’t change a thing about the way our wedding day turned out!

Is there anything else you’d like to add about the Plan B Elopement Package?

Michaela: We are currently offering this package at a largely discounted price of $3900 comparing to our standard pricing which is normally $7900 for the more expanded version. In addition to this we are currently offering $1000 off for the first couple that books and mentions this blog post! We are super excited to offer these weddings and the chance to make something beautiful out of this strange time we are living in.

We don’t have the words to express how sad and sorry we are for those couples going through this! If you’re local and are looking to make your uniting love official, consider this Plan B elopement by Promise Mountain!

And as always, we are here for you in any way we can help and our sending you all our love and support!


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