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    “Hi I’m Jim.” “Hi I’m ilde.” “And WE are SheHeWE photography!” Wow didn’t that sound cheesy. (grin and wink). If we met you in person we would most likely hug not shake hands, drink beer or coffee with you depending on the hour and there would most definitely be some reference in our conversation to Arrested Development, The Office or Princess Bride. We are photographers but I would say we see ourselves more along the lines of being creatives more than anything. We both above else, love to “play” and we feel that is the reason couples seek us out most. Because the art of play and emotion and true laughter can sometimes get suffocated underneath all the daily planning, the details and the stuff of life. We like to bring couples back to each other – back to the reasons you are choosing each other for life in the first place. And if it takes two crazy photographers, a paper bag and some ketchup then – so be it.

    Starting at $2,750 but things get awesome at $3,900

    As Seen on Nashville Bride Guide