Carson + McKenna – Backyard Wedding – SheHeWe Photography | Nashville

Fall in Tennessee… le sigh! The weather is typically gorgeous and is the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding. And that was exactly McKenna and Carson’s plan for their October wedding day! This adorable couple had only known each other for 57 days before getting engaged and like McKenna says – when you know, you know! Their sweet soiree was complete with family heirlooms, burgundy details and vintage-inspired elements. Take a look at all of their fun photos from SheHeWe Photography below!

McKenna + Carson

Family Property


120 Guests

McKenna: Our engagement was absolutely perfect! It was very private and personal, a moment shared between only him and I. He took us to downtown Franklin for dinner and we didn’t even make it inside before he popped the question! I was absolutely shocked, we had only known each other for 57 days before he proposed, but like they say “when you know, you know” and that’s exactly how we both felt about each other. We just celebrated out 1 year anniversary and can not wait to continue loving one another for the many anniversaries to come. 

McKenna: We wanted our ceremony and reception to be very warm and comfortable. We had a smaller guest list in hopes of creating a more personal environment filled with loved ones we both knew very well. We had our ceremony on the front porch of my grandparents house and the reception in the back, it was an absolute blast and I wish we could go back and relive it!   

McKenna: My husband and I both shared letters we wrote for one another, filled with prayers over our marriage and promises of loving one another, no matter what. That was a very special thing for both of us to share with one and another and with our loved ones! 

McKenna: BREATHE! And focus on what’s most important; building a solid foundation for your marriage. It’s so easy today to get caught up in wedding planning and honeymooning, but your marriage will be so abundantly blessed if you stay focused on your man and the love you both have for one another! 

Thank you so much to SheHeWe Photography and McKenna for sharing this beautiful day with us! You can check out more of SheHeWe Photography’s work here on their website and also on Insta


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