8 Gorgeous Wedding Portraits from Nashville Wedding Photographers | Nashville Photography & Photo Booth

There are so many incredible Nashville wedding photographers – and each one has their own style and look. I love the array of shots I receive every week in my submissions. So today I wanted to choose some of my all time favorite photos from some of my favorite Nashville wedding photographers. From simple to pulling out all the stops, these photos really capture the essence of weddings in Nashville! Check out my eight picks below! 

1. Sara Bill Photography

I love a good classic black and white photo. And in this stunning portrait from Sara Bill Photography, it looks like it could have been shot in any era. The passionate kiss and the bride’s veil flowing in the air make my heart swoon over this wedding!

2. Ryan Tolbert Photography

The look of pure joy on the bride’s face mixed with the satisfied swagger of the groom’s stance is priceless! This ceremony processional photo by Ryan Tolbert Photography makes you feel what the couple is feeling in that very moment. Plus, the petal toss from the wedding guests adds a fun and surprising element to the photo!

3. Smash Studios Photography

What do you get when you have a wedding in the woods with a Gaelic theme, and the coolest vintage car “The Thing”? Yep, it’s this photo by Smash Studios Photography from Kristen + Paul’s wedding. “The Thing” showed off the couple’s quirky personalities and added that super fun element to their wedding portraits.

4. Abigail Volkmann Photography

Nothing says Nashville like a photo on the Pedestrian Bridge. And this photo from Abigail Volkmann Photography is definitely a keeper! I love a good bridal portrait, but the surprise element of her sparkly Keds shoes makes it oh-so fun! 

5. Jenna Henderson Photography

Double exposure shots make my heart go pitter patter! Especially when it’s from film and digital wedding photographer, Jenna Henderson. Her experimental film shots like this one of a bouquet and a couple embracing call for one talented and memorable capture. 

6. Lion & Lark

Adventure meets weddings is totally my jam and Lion & Lark does just that. This jaw dropping lace wedding dress is the perfect mix of adventure and elegance. The angles, the lighting… every detail is combined to create that Pinterest-worthy bridal portrait! 

7. Kathy Thomas Photography

Wedding processional photos are some of my favorites in each and every wedding gallery I browse through… and this one from Kathy Thomas Photography is exceptional! Normally couples leave the confetti and flair for the wedding exit, but I love that this couple chose to pop the confetti as they walked down the aisle for the first time as a married couple! 

8. SheHeWe Photography

Give me all the golden hour vibes! This shot from SheHeWe Photography after the couple’s wedding ceremony during golden hour on a family farm is priceless! Her dress train gliding through the grass while they share a moment is everything!

I still cannot get over the talent in this town! Thank you to all of these Nashville wedding photographers who have submitted their work to me! You can check them all out here in the vendors section!


Kathy Thomas Photography/Ryan Tolbert Photography/Sara Bill Photography/Smash Studios Photography/Abigail Volkmann Photography/Jenna Henderson/Lion & Lark/SheHeWe Photography