Things Every Photographer Loves Photographing with Lindsey Brown

Things Every Wedding Photographer Loves Photographing with Lindsey Brown Photography

Just as much as every couple wants the best shots photographed on their wedding day, your wedding photographer gets equally excited to make magic happen! From detail shots and first looks, to the ceremony and reception, Lindsey Brown Photography is not only sharing her favorite things to photograph, but also what couples can do to help get the amazing photographs they dream of and deserve. Keep reading to see what this talented photographer has to say!

What are some of your favorite shots to capture before the wedding begins?

Lindsey: My favorite pre-ceremony shots would have to be details and the first look! I love beginning the day with detail shots! Capturing detail shots helps your photographer tell your story and become familiar with the things that make your wedding day unique.

Everything from the invitation suite, shoes and jewelry, to the dress – these photos help tell the story of your day! First looks are another photographer favorite! This is such a sweet and intimate time between the bride and groom. Without a first look, couples often do not get any alone time on their wedding day. This alone time to soak in each other is so special and every photographer loves capturing these intimate moments! You and your photographer will also love how much more time first looks add to your wedding day and how many more pictures you will get because of the first look!

During the ceremony – what are some things couples can do to help their photographer get the best shots?

Lindsey: The best thing you can do to help your photographer get the best shots during the ceremony is to ask for phones, cameras, and tablets to be put away. I’m sure you’ve seen the photos floating around the internet where someone’s phone is blocking (or almost blocking) the bride walking down the aisle pictures. Or the phones are blocking the kiss shot. You see these pictures on the internet, but they happen to more weddings than you may realize!

If you do not want to see a bunch of phones sticking up in your kiss shot, be sure to have your officiant make a kind announcement before the ceremony begins for phones and cameras to be put away. Another option is to have a sign at the entrance of your ceremony saying something like, “Welcome to our Unplugged Ceremony! Please turn off all phones and cameras and be fully present with us during this special time. We will share the photographers photos with you soon!” Fair warning – your photographer might hug and/or kiss you themselves if they see this at your ceremony!

At the wedding reception – what are some of your favorite photographs during this portion of the wedding?

Lindsey: Receptions are so much fun! Every photographer loves photographing live bands at receptions! Nothing gets people out on the dance floor more than the energy of a live band! Their interaction with the crowd always make for some awesome photos! Especially when the groom or dad of the bride grabs the microphone and starts to sing along to their favorite song with the band!

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How can couples prepare ahead of time to get the best photos possible?

Lindsey: Communicate with your photographer! If you have a question about lighting during your ceremony – ask their opinion! Send them pictures of where you plan on getting ready and ask what they think. If photos are important to you, send them your timeline and ask if you’re allowing enough for photos. A good photographer won’t see these types of questions as burdens, they will appreciate you asking their opinion to get the best photos! One other small thing I always tell my brides – have all of your details in a shoe box or some type of bag so that as soon as I arrive to the venue or getting ready location I can grab that box and get to work!

Does lighting or time of day matter to enhance the look of your wedding photos?

Lindsey: Yes! Lighting is so important! Don’t worry though – a good photographer can get a great photo regardless of the weather or lighting. However, there are a few things you can do to help your photographer out to get even better photos! One thing you can do to help your photographer is thinking about your getting ready location. The best getting ready locations have big windows and a lot of natural light. This not only enhances your photos, but your make up artist will love you as well as natural light is great for them when applying your makeup!

Another thing photographers love? Sunset portraits! When planning out your timeline, carve out at least 20-30 minutes out of your reception around the time the sun is setting for extra portraits. Sunset portraits are the icing on the cake to your wedding day photos! You won’t regret sneaking away for a few minutes for these.

Are there any specific details that couples can bring (or ask their photographer to bring) to capture detail shots?

Lindsey: I already mentioned how much I LOVE detail shots! Something you can do to help your photographer capture even better detail shots is to ask the florist to have your bouquet ready early in the day so your photographer can incorporate it into your detail shots! Want to make your detail shots publication and Pinterest worthy? Ask your florist to also include a few extra loose flowers and stems for your photographer to use when styling your invitation suite photos. Have extra ribbon from your bouquet? Include the roll of ribbon as well! Your photographer will be over the moon to have these extra pieces to use when styling your detail shots!

Is it best to connect your photographer to any other vendors to ensure they have what they need to capture specific shots they want?

Lindsey: If your photographer plans on submitting your wedding for any type of publication it is definitely a good idea for your wedding photographer to have the name, website, email address, and Instagram handle for your other vendors as the publication will want this information! I always send my brides a questionnaire before the wedding day to get this information in case I need to connect with any of the other vendors!

What are YOUR favorite moments and details to photograph on a wedding day?

Lindsey: Of course I LOVE all of the shots I mentioned above! Personally, one of my recent favorite details to photograph on a wedding day is styled signature cocktails! These are such a unique way for couples to add a little detail flair to their reception. Sharing a signature cocktail with your guests is a fun way to share your personality, and it even makes for fun prints! These photos add unique wall art in your kitchen that continues to tell the story of your wedding day!

As far as a favorite moment, there are so many! I always tear up during the Daddy/Daughter dances! Sparkler exits are SO much fun to photograph! I also love photographing the parents reactions during the ceremony…the mom looking at her baby girl with tears in her eyes, grandma seeing her family legacy carried on – I love capturing these sweet family moments as well!

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We are right there with you Lindsey – we LOVE a good detail shot as we’re constantly sharing them on our Pinterest.

Lindsey Brown Photography is one of the best wedding photographers in the biz! This advice is awesome and we’re so glad we got to share more about the joyous parts of your job!


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