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Spring Engagement Session Graystone Quarry

Engagement sessions are so momentous because they signify the transition between two exciting stages of your life. It’s also often one of the first things couples partake in together, to share the exciting news of your upcoming marriage with family and friends. And when they’re as darling as Kelsey and Jacob’s spring engagement session at Graystone Quarry, then they’re bound to be joy-filled and an absolute delight. We can’t stop smiling as we look through their photos captured by Whitney Woodall Photography and they’re proposal story is one of the sweetest ever. See all the romantic details below!

Please share your story! How did you meet?

Kelsey: We technically met at a Christmas party, but never actually engaged in a conversation. It was a year later we matched on Bumble (he had a cute dog in his pics) and started chatting and going on very thoughtful dates… for example a taco tour around Nashville ….YUM! 

How did he propose?

Kelsey: On Nov. 30th he dropped a box of letters at my door labeled “December letters” – the first letter was to be opened that day, Nov 30, and explained what was inside.  It also mentioned that instead of celebrating just one day he wanted to celebrate everyday leading up to him popping the big question. I would wake up each morning so excited to read the letter for that particular day.  

In the letter he would let me know if that was going to be the day he was going to propose. If it wasn’t, the letter would instead detail something he loved about me. The reasons were very specific and listed several examples (there was always tears).

On Dec 15th, the letter said today was the day, but to text him for the real letter. He then sent me a video compilation of us together (pictures & videos) with the letter voiced over. It talked about all the doors in life we’ve walked through together, and all the doors we’ll walk through in the future, but that there was one last door he needed to knock on first. When I texted him that I’d seen the video he knocked on my apartment door. When I opened the door he was on one knee holding the most gorgeous ring. Please keep in mind I was still in PJs (he had been in the parking lot since the wee hours). Later that day we went to his parents’ house where he surprised me with our parents and all my friends to celebrate the best day of my life.

What is your favorite thing about each other?

Kelsey: Jacob makes me feel like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world even with no makeup on lounging in sweats. Jacob is so patient with me and always encourages me. He makes me want to be the best version of my self. He is so thoughtful of others. Every decision or action he makes he always considers how it will impact others. 

Jacob: Kelsey is so generous with her time and energy, always giving back more than she ever expects in return. She’s relentlessly loving and always makes me feel so special, making any day better every time I see her.

What are you most excited about for your wedding day?

Kelsey: Having all the people we love and who love us under the same roof to celebrate.

What are your favorite things to do together as a couple?

Kelsey: Run errands, bowling, binge watching shows or eating tacos .

Could these two be any more perfect?! Thank you so much to Kelsey and Jacob for sharing more about their love story and to Whitney Woodall Photography for sharing such a charming spring engagement session!


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