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Meet Tap Truck Nashville: The Newest Mobile Beverage Truck

Vintage cars turned into a mobile beverage service, meet Tap Truck Nashville! While this local vendor specializes in craft beer, they can serve just about any drink you can think of while providing a pleasantly trendy experience! Ease on down the blog post to learn more about what this incredible team has to offer!

Tell us about Tap Truck Nashville + how long you’ve been in business.

Sean and Kay: Tap Truck Nashville is Nashville’s newest (and oldest) mobile beverage service. Those three words completely describe what we are all about. Mobile. Beverage. Service. We love cool cars. We love local craft beer (and other beverages too). And we love serving our clients! We take vintage cars, punch a handful of taps in the side of them, and serve the best, local craft beer, wine, cider, cocktails, coffee, tea, and soda this city has to offer! We pulled into Nashville in November of 2019 and will be rolling around town in March, just in time for wedding season!

How did you get started in weddings?

Sean and Kay: We, of course, would like to see our truck parked in just about every corner of this city, from local festivals to sporting events, fundraisers to birthday parties, we’ll try and hit them all. However, weddings are such a great fit for what we have to offer. Every couple is looking to provide a new, hip, unique experience for their guests and that’s exactly what Tap Truck Nashville is able to do! Everyone has flowers, everyone has fancy decorations, everyone has great cake… but not everyone has a vintage truck serving great beer (and other beverages too)!

What’s the philosophy behind Tap Truck Nashville?

Sean and Kay: Our goal is to “make an impact” no matter where we go. We try to do that by embodying exactly what we are: Mobile. Beverage. Service. Mobile. We love cool cars but our mobility is part of what makes us unique. We’re here to help keep things simple. No need to come to us… we’ll come to you. We’ll serve any event of any size in any location… so long as we can fit! Beverage. There’s absolutely nothing like sharing a good drink with good friends and family. Whether toasting a bride or just hanging with the crew, we promise to provide the very best beverages to meet our clients’ needs. Service. Our commitment to this simple word is the backbone of our being. Nothing is more important to us than this. We strive to not only provide the absolute best service to our clients and their guests, but also seek to make a dent in the local and global world around us as well. To do this, we’ve begun to partner with some really great organizations that have made this their aim as well.

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

Sean and Kay: We started this because of our love for people and our love for craft beer. Because of this, there are three key distinguishing characteristics. First, nearly every other mobile beverage service in middle TN focuses on craft cocktails. We can do that too, but really love seeing craft beer being poured from our taps. Second, we can do more than just beer and cocktails. Our draft system is able to pour wine, coffee (hot or cold), tea, soda, or water. In short, if you can drink it, we can serve it (for the most part). Finally, we’re the only vintage truck rolling around Nashville. There are plenty of sweet trailers being towed around town, but we’re the only drivable option.

What attracts couples to Tap Truck Nashville?

Sean and Kay: We attract couples looking for the “Wow” at their wedding. In addition to this, our love of great people, great craft beer, and a great time creates such an amazing experience for both us and our clients.

What is the most innovative new product, service, style or other aspect of your industry that brides and grooms might appreciate?

Sean and Kay: We serve beer and other beverages out of the side of a vintage truck. That sounds pretty innovative and stylish to me!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your company?

Sean and Kay: We are here to help in any way that we can. From providing beverage recommendations to completely taking over the stress of planning this part of your wedding, our goal is to not only provide an amazing experience at your wedding but also through the entire process. We know you have a ton to plan already, let us help lighten the load. From 50 to 5,000, you invite em, we’ll serve em. There’s no place too dressed up and none too casual. Let us know where to park and we’ll be sure to be there with a great time!

Loving how this business is hip, yet vintage all at once! If you see these antique cars driving around town, you know it’s got to be this incredible mobile beverage service! If you’re looking to step up your beverage game for your Nashville wedding, contact Tap Truck Nashville! You can check them out HERE and follow them on Instagram!


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