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Room Options for Your Rehearsal Dinner at Mere Bulles

With charm, delicious food, and a great customer experience, holding your rehearsal dinner at Mere Bulles is great option! In fact, they have many different room options with unique features to accommodate various party sizes. Caty is sharing more information with us in the interview below. Keep reading to find out more!

Tell us about all of the event room options at Mere Bulles!

Caty: Mere Bulles has 8 different rooms and two different out door spaces within the establishment. The 8 rooms are, Truman’s Room, The Curtain Room, The Indoor Patio, The Living Room, The Sunroom, Ward’s Room, Martha’s Room and The Family Room. The two outdoor spaces are our balcony located upstairs and our outdoor patio located downstairs off the Indoor Patio. You can rent more than one room at a time or even floors at a time depending on the amount of guests attending your event and what the events particular needs require. We even have had the whole house rented for large events. Here at Mere Bulles we don’t have room fees, we have room minimums. It is the minimum we expect you to spend on food & beverage including alcohol. Each room’s minimum is based on how many people the room can accommodate.

Are there any two rooms that are best to combine for larger events?

Caty: The two rooms that are most often combined to create a larger space and accommodate for more guests are the Sunroom and the Living Room. When these two rooms are combined they can hold up to 86 maximum. If you have more guests than 86 the Indoor Patio can be added to these two rooms adding an additional 60 seats. The two largest rooms upstairs can be combined to seat up to 64 guests. Many of the rooms can be used alone or combined it just depends on what you as the client need for your particular event.

Are there certain features in each room that attract a certain event?

Caty: Yes there are special features to each room. It is interesting to see how some of my clients are drawn to certain spaces because of particular elements where the next client might be interested in a completely different room for other reasons. For examples during the fall and winter the Living Room and the Family Room are very popular because those are the two spaces that have fireplaces. During the Spring and Summer the Indoor Patio is super popular because of all the large windows covering two of the walls. Almost all of our spaces have the capability of being completely private. The Family Room is connected to the balcony so a lot of the time people will reserve the balcony when they book the Family Room. Each room has history and special features about it.

Do you offer any outdoor options for events?

Caty: We have the Outdoor Patio that can seat 60 guests and the upstairs Balcony that can seat up to 24 guests. We will only book these spaces when an indoor space is booked with them. This is our policy because Nashville weather is hard to predict and we want to make sure our client has a back up plan in case the weather decides to have a mind of its own. The outdoor spaces can be the perfect addition to an event for mingling, pictures and much more.

Are there certain rooms that work best for specific events? Rehearsal dinner, wedding, shower?

Caty: The rooms I recommend are based on a few different things. First of all how many guests will be attending? I do not like to put the maximum amount of people in a room if I can avoid it because I like for my clients to have space and not feel crammed into a room. The maximum number should only be reached if there are a few guests added to the event last minute. The second thing I like to take into consideration is what all needs to happen during the event. For example if you are throwing an event that needs multiple tables for other things such as cake, gifts pictures, etc. then we need to take into account the extra space needed within the room. The same thing goes for events like weddings that need space for a ceremony. I like to meet the client in person to show them the spaces we have and then listen to what they need or envision when it comes to their event. Seeing Mere Bulles in person, and the many different spaces we offer often helps a potential client decide on a space.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about the room options at Mere Bulles?

Caty: When it comes to weddings Mere Bulles specializes in rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, engagement parties, small weddings, receptions, anniversary celebrations and so much more. If you are looking for spot that has history combined with delicious food and drinks look no further!

If you’re in need of a rehearsal dinner space, we highly suggest checking out the multiple options at Mere Bulles! Thanks so much to Caty for sharing this helpful information with us!


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