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How To Choose A Wedding Venue from Burdoc Farms

The location of your wedding day sets the scene for all that’s to come. With an overwhelming amount of possibilities it can be hard to make that final decision. But with the help of Sara of Burdoc Farms, we’re sharing how to choose a wedding venue including questions you should ask yourself and the venue before signing that dotted line. Keep reading to find out more!

How To Choose A Wedding Venue from Burdoc Farms featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Choosing A Wedding Venue

Sara: So many factors go into choosing a venue for your big day. Your wedding venue can set the tone of your whole day. Even though I am a wedding venue owner, I realize our venue is not for everyone, so be sure to choose the venue that is right for you. Here are some things to consider when you are choosing your dream location. 

Make an Appointment

If the venue owners require an appointment, be sure to make it to your appointment. We understand that last minute things come up or that you change your mind about wanting to look at the venue but be courteous and let the venue owners know if you are going to make your appointment. After viewing the venue, let the venue owners know what you decided to do as far as choosing your venue. Its OKAY if you don’t pick us, but don’t ghost us either. We put a lot of time and effort into showing you our venue. 

Meet Burdoc Farms featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Outdoor or Indoor Wedding Venues

Are you and your fiancé nature lovers or do you like the modern amenities, like a/c and heat? That should be your number one priority when choosing a venue. I have had many brides tell me they love the outdoors, but then their wedding day came and with it was rain, or a hot bright sun or lots of bugs and bees… they decided that they don’t like the outdoors so much! Be sure you will be okay with whatever the weather may be when choosing a venue that has outdoor elements to the venue. If you are put off by certain naturally occurring events, do not pick a venue that is an outdoor wedding venue. You will not be happy. 

Venue Accessibility

Is the venue easily accessible for your guests? Well, that can be a matter of opinion. I have done many viewings with many couples and their parents have lots of opinions about this issue. We have had couples come from as far away as Alaska, Washington State and Hawaii, but then a couple that is 45 minutes down the road thinks we might be too far for their guest, so this really is a personal preference. Some things that you might want to consider are how far is lodging and how far is a major highway. Those can certainly help when deciding on your location. 

Meet Burdoc Farms featured on Nashville Bride Guide
How To Choose A Wedding Venue from Burdoc Farms featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Venue Rules & Flexibility

And finally, how flexible is the venue. Are there too many rules to keep track. Can we still have the event we want to have and not break their rules. I think flexibility of the venue and venue owners should be your number one consideration. How flexible a venue is, can and will make or break your day. Always ask what are the do’s and don’ts when looking at your venues. 

A bride once shared a personal story with me about her wedding day decisions. Her maid of honor kept hounding her that her wedding dress was too much for our wedding venue. That the dress was more for an elegant and over the top venue and the bride had chosen our barn venue for her wedding day. The bride told her maid of honor that the wedding was her wedding and she would wear a tiara if she wanted to and get married barefoot in our cornfield. Moral to this story, have the wedding you want to have, make it your own and one of a kind! 

Thanks so much to Sara of Burdoc Farms for sharing this insight. It is super helpful to have the perspective of a wedding venue owner. If you’re interested in learning more about Burdoc Farms, be sure to check out their website and Instagram!


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