How Bespoke Expressions Can Help Turn Your Emotions Into Well-Written Wedding Vows

Bespoke Expressions Wedding Vow Writer

Does marrying the love of your life have you feeling all the feels, but at a loss for words? Sounds like you need to meet Bespoke Expressions! With an eloquent vocabulary and a passion for love stories, owner Lily started her company in hopes of helping couples transcribe their emotions into well-written wedding vows. With customized ceremonies and personalized vows becoming increasingly popular, Lily’s services aim at helping to ease the stress from those who have so many words to say to their partner, but don’t know how to express them. If you’re ready to reflect on your relationship and speak from the heart, keep on scrolling to learn more about the process of working with Bespoke Expressions and how Lily can help!

Bespoke Expressions Wedding Vow Writer
Bespoke Expressions Wedding Vow Writer

Tell us about Bespoke Expressions + how long you’ve been in business.

Lily: Bespoke Expressions has been a dream since high school. She can’t remember a time when she wasn’t a writer and speaker–her parents say that her vocabulary caught the attention of everyone she met, even as a toddler. When she was 13, she began competing in speech competitions and has been nationally ranked multiple times since. Connecting with others through words is her calling.

Lily is also passionate about love stories. During her senior year of high school, she found herself watching videos of people’s wedding ceremonies for hours on end and analyzing their vows. She delighted in those that were meaningful and poetic, but she also noticed that some couples seemed unsure of themselves or unable to articulate their true feelings. In that moment, the first seed of Bespoke Expressions was planted in her mind. She thought that she might be able to combine her love of words with her love of milestone moments and help people write speeches for weddings.

Bespoke Expressions was officially launched in 2023 as Lily graduated college with her degree in communications and public relations. She is eager to live her dream of finding words worthy of the love in her client’s hearts. When a client works with Bespoke Expressions, they meet with Lily face-to-face (or over Zoom, if outside Middle and East Tennessee) and share their story in a low-pressure environment. It is a relational and adaptable process in which she gains understanding of their relationship so that she can write something that represents them accurately. Then, she sends the speech back to them and asks for feedback before revising it to the finished product.

What’s the philosophy behind Bespoke Expressions?

Lily: At Bespoke Expressions, we believe that words act as memorials to moments of great love. When you write your wedding vows, you are expressing your commitment to one of the most important relationships you will ever have. The process deserves close attention. However, writing vows should also be a joyful experience. We reduce the anxiety that is caused by undertaking this writing process alone. All you have to bring to the table is your heart. Then, we write your message in your voice.

Bespoke Expressions Wedding Vow Writer

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

Lily: Unlike many speech writers who work virtually and interact with their clients via email, we like to meet with couples face-to-face whenever possible. We also offer live Zoom consultations. Either way, you will speak with a writer in real time when you buy our standard package. Because your special day is about relationships, we want our process to be relational. It’s important to us to know the people behind the words, and you can hear the difference in our writing.

What attracts couples to Bespoke Expressions?

Lily: Because couples want ceremonies with a personal touch, original wedding vows are becoming increasingly common. However, to 70% of Americans feel anxious about public speaking, so some brides and grooms are terrified of writing and delivering their vows! Our company is for the couple who takes their commitment to each other seriously and has a deep desire to celebrate their unique story. They may feel unsure where to even begin with writing vows, or they may feel like they need a fresh pair of eyes to review the speech they have already started. Our company is also for the person whose fiancé is more talkative–the person who fears that they won’t be able to come up with the right thing to say. We understand that internal processors with few words love just as deeply. We are ready to help you explore how you can put your feelings to words in a low-pressure environment.

What is the most innovative new product, service, style or other aspect of your industry that brides and grooms might appreciate?

Lily: We know that more people are opting for non-traditional ceremonies and customized wedding practices! We are so excited to help them. We offer a discounted rate when a couple signs up for vow writing together. Many of our clients also refer family members and friends to receive help with wedding speeches and toasts, and we love working with them as well.

Bespoke Expressions Wedding Vow Writer
Bespoke Expressions Wedding Vow Writer

When it comes to well-written wedding vows, Bespoke Expressions truly is the best! If you’re ready to get started, send Lily a message today!

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