Dark Bridal Themed Wedding Styled Shoot

Dark Bridal Themed Wedding Styled Shoot

Think you can’t wear anything, but white for your wedding celebration? Think again! Thanks to this dark bridal themed wedding styled shoot, we can confidently say that while tradition is great, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with adding some uniqueness into your wedding style. With gorgeous attire from MYSTiiK Styles, this team of vendors are ready to inspire you to think outside of the box. If you’re ready to add some creativity and spice up your celebration, keep on scrolling!

From Chonta of MYSTiiK Styles: This dark bridal themed photoshoot was geared towards showing Nashville what we have to offer to the nontraditional bride! Although white wedding dresses are so elegant, timeless, and classic, we know there are those individuals that like to live outside the box! We wanted this photoshoot to cater to the creative individuals and what better way to do that than to showcase the trending yet elegant black bridal gown!

Huge thank you to Chonta of MYSTiiK Styles for sharing this dark bridal themed wedding styled shoot!

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