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Calligraphy is such an art! You won’t regret hiring a calligrapher for your Nashville wedding invitations, signage, place cards and more! And that is why I’d like to introduce you to Olivia Gardener of Crafted by Heart! I met Olivia at Darcy Miller’s Celebrate Everything book signing at Draper James last year as she was elegantly writing names in each signed book! I admire this art so very much (mostly because it’s something I wish I could do!), and it’s really fun to see how creative brides and calligraphers are getting on their collaborations! Want to know more about how you can hire Olivia of Crafted by Heart for your wedding calligraphy? Keep reading our interview below! (And also check out her BRAND NEW Etsy shop here!)

Olivia: I’ve always wanted to start my own business and last year just before the holidays I had a friend pass away. It was a wakeup call – I was reminded that life is short & that even though I didn’t have all the answers for my business, I wouldn’t achieve my dreams without getting started! I haven’t looked back since. My love for all things art comes from my grandmother who was a painter – my parents joke that they certainly didn’t get my artistic abilities from either of them! I’ve loved lettering & painting since I was a kid and always took every art class that I could. After moving to Nashville & taking a calligraphy class here, I was reminded how much I need a creative outlet so I’ve been creating ever since. 

Olivia: Honestly by chance – it started with a friend! Just around the time I started my business, I went to get my nails done with a friend. We met one of her friends there who had just gotten engaged and after my friend Amanda shared with Joanna that I was a calligrapher, she asked me on the spot to do her wedding invitations. I was shocked but also honored! I’m a perfectionist and as an artist, it works against me. I’m quite critical of my own work and am always striving to get better, practice more or critique my own work. For someone to put faith in me to address her wedding envelopes having never seen my work, I was overwhelmed & so appreciative. It just progressed from there.

Olivia: I’m all about spreading love – so weddings actually fall right in line with my mission. I feel that I’m put on this earth to spread love & inspire growth in others, so I’m hoping to accomplish that in many ways through this business – whether it’s giving back to the community, supporting specific causes or philanthropic events, or just letting someone know that they are loved! I launched the business with “you are so loved” cards and it’s grown from there.

Olivia: I have a variety of styles & I work with a lot of mediums – from traditional pen & ink to more artistic watercolor techniques to painting on wood, glass, and even textured materials. I love getting to know a bride to better understand her style and her likes & dislikes. My goal is to take her vision & bring it to life to create something that’s one-of-a-kind.

Olivia: Word of mouth recommendations have helped me make great connections. My sweet friends have been spreading the word for me – as their friends get engaged or married, they’re sending them my way to help get them ready for their big day! Showing them my work, sharing my creative ideas, and hearing about their vision helps solidify the relationship – they trust me with their ideas & I help bring them to life. As a result of having happy brides, I’ve been so fortunate to continue creating one-of-a-kind pieces for them as their families grow…from baby showers to birthdays…it’s been so much fun! 

Olivia: By the time I comment about a recent trend (such as painting on agate slices for place cards), something new & exciting will already be at the forefront of wedding design which is why I love it so much! Most brides are willing to try something new (or test out a recent trend) as long as it’s done in a way that complements their style. And that’s what makes this businesses so fun – it’s really an artist’s dream – to be able to use their imagination to create something new & different. There’s never a dull moment with all the amazing trends that come with wedding planning!

Olivia: I love creating things for others – it’s my passion & I’m so happy to spread some of my love & joy making things that will be cherished by others. I’d be so honored to be considered to help you create the most special & personalized time leading up to your wedding with some beautiful hand-made items from Crafted by Heart. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Thanks so much for sharing the heart of your business with us, Olivia! You can check out more of Crafted by Heart’s portfolio here and also be sure to follow along on Instagram! AND Olivia just launched an Etsy Shop! Check it out here to order some custom designs!


Crafted by Heart/Abigail Volkmann Photography

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