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I’m not sure about you, but packing for a trip can be so time consuming and a bit stressful! Especially when it’s for your honeymoon – you have so much to do to prepare for your wedding that this is one of the things that gets put last on your to do list. But good thing we have local Nashville area honeymoon travel agent 2 Travel Anywhere to help us with some excellent tips on what to pack for your honeymoon! From luggage tips to what to pack, to outlet converters, Carlie with 2 Travel Anywhere has shared some tips with us below! Check them out! 

Carlie: Packing for honeymoon really depends where you decide to go. The biggest trick is for your luggage not to weigh more than 50lbs. The majority of airline carriers will have an  additional fee for your luggage if it weighs more than 50lbs. It’s best to pack at least 3 swim suits.

Carlie: Make sure to pack plenty of sunblock. The majority of gift shops will sell sunblock but the cost for this is typically twice the price. I always recommend to bring some bugspray if you are like me and always get mosquito bites in the evenings. Resorts typically include hairdryers and beach/pool towels. 

Carlie: We highly recommend to take a carryon with your the information below. 

Tip 1: Pack one full change of clothes, any necessary medicines, and a swimsuit. This way if your luggage gets lost you’ll still have everything you need and can still have a great time once you arrive at the resort.

Tip 2:  Another recommendation – if your luggage is lost you can slip a piece of paper in each piece of your luggage that includes you travel itinerary. We recommend on the piece of paper to have the following; Travel date, your names, flight number, hotel name, your contact info. Do the same for your travel home itinerary as well. If your luggage is lost while traveling, the airline will know exactly how to find you easier. You can also list the name of your travel agency- Carlie with 2 Travel Anywhere, llc with our phone number (615) 512-7764.

Carlie: If you’re traveling in the Caribbean or Mexico, the outlets are the same as ours. However, if you’re traveling to a destination other than these locations, we will be happy to help with travel power converters. 

Carlie: Tip 3:  Your passport or ID must match your airline tickets and since you won’t have time to officially change your last name before the wedding, you’ll want to keep your maiden last name for a week longer. I actually have married couples who travel with their maiden name on the passport for years. Again you just want to make sure your airline tickets match your name on the passport. We recommend to take with you a copy of your marriage certificate to show going through customs. At check in, it is always best to show the marriage certificate or wedding invitation as they like to see proof it is actually your honeymoon.  

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Thank you so much for sharing these packing tips and tricks with us, Carlie! You can check out more on 2 Travel Anywhere’s free honeymoon services here online and also be sure to follow along with Carlie’s travels on Instagram!


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