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All About Heirloom Albums with Rebecca Musayev Photography

What if you could hold your most precious moments in your hands? Something that allows you to feel like you’ve traveled back in time. Rebecca, with Rebecca Musayev Photography, shares with us how she makes this a reality. In this digital age, we have so many things at our fingertips and photos are no exception. We have thousands upon thousands of photos on our phones now. With this, it can sometimes even be challenging finding the exact photo you are looking for, not to mention, the storage it takes up! There is something to be said about a beautifully crafted heirloom photo album now a days. It feels almost nostalgic but it could be exactly what you are looking for. Check out what Rebecca, owner of Rebecca Musayev Photography, has to say about the Heirloom Albums she can offer to you!

What is an heirloom album?

Professional quality, handcrafted albums will ensure you have an elegant heirloom to share. The fabric/leather is genuine, the pages are of premium stock, and the most important thing is the ink prints true to the colors that you remember on your day. This is something that will be passed down and shown to many, it’s an illustration of legacy.

Do you or the couple choose the photos that are in the heirloom album?

Together we select the images that you feel best represent and tell the story of your love and the relationships that mean the most to you. These images will be placed into a digital album so you can visualize your heirloom before holding it in your hands. I usually have my couples select their images so it is personalized to them, but I also can select the images as well.

How many pages is a typical heirloom album?

Every album is guaranteed 10 spreads or 20 pages. My clients are able to add spreads as they see fit.

What are the benefits of purchasing an heirloom album?

I believe there is beauty to the tangible, something you can hold in your hands, a keepsake. This is why my favorite part about being a wedding story-teller is albums. In the age of technology, yes, you can display photos on a phone, but it is not the same experience. There’s something about a quality heirloom, something to pass down to your children that is so timeless. Your family, friends and future generations will be able to cherish this heirloom for years to come, it is your love legacy.

Do you have photo packages that include an heirloom album?

Yes, I do have a package that includes an heirloom album.

How long does it take to receive an heirloom album after your wedding?

Your gallery will be delivered 4-6 weeks after your wedding day. Once you receive the gallery we are able to begin the album design process. The timeline is completely up to you, how fast you want to select and design. Normally it takes my couples a few weeks to decide on images. We then go back and forth until you love the album. Once approved, it takes another 4-6 weeks to receive your album.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your heirloom albums?

Please check out these two links below for more information on heirloom albums!

Thank you so much Rebecca, one of our great NBG partners, for sharing with us this special product you offer! Having a truly dedicated album for precious moments like the ones you photograph is truly something to cherish!

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