Why You Should Not DIY Your Wedding Music from Entertain! featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Why You Should Not DIY Your Wedding Music from Entertain!

Your wedding music provides not only the vibe for your wedding, but also the energy! The last thing you want is for your music to be just another noise. In addition, DJ’s and bands do more than just play music, but also keep the night flowing smoothly. Before you skip out and begin making your own playlist, the team behind Entertain! is sharing why you should not DIY your wedding music. Keep reading to find out more!

How would someone go about DIYing their own wedding music/entertainment?

Brandon: By getting a family friend to DJ or using their own ipod and equipment to entertain their guests.

Why is it a bad idea to DIY your wedding entertainment?

Brandon: The same reason its a bad idea to change your transmission without proper training on the subject.

Why is wedding entertainment so important?

Brandon: Entertainment is the key to creating a positive and fun environment for all of your guests. It also relieves a lot of stress from the bride and groom when they have the peace of mind that their entertainment is taken care of by experienced professionals.

What are the perks of hiring a professional wedding DJ?

Brandon: The peace of mind knowing the job will be done well. Also, having a DJ that knows how to adapt to any audience is going to create a better experience for all the guests in attendance.

What are some things a professional wedding DJ can provide that a friend playing music on an iPod cannot?

Brandon: Mixing music on the fly keeps the energy at a much higher level than going through entire songs. Pro DJ’s also know what song’s hit it off with large audiences. This results in more people dancing and a better overall vibe at the party. Having a professional MC is also a great tool for timeline management. A professional DJ will make announcements to keep the flow of the night on schedule.

What are some ways Entertain! can provide quality wedding music + entertainment?

Brandon: By being responsive and customizing each event to fit the clients entertainment needs. We also install professional grade PA speakers and dance floor lighting to keep the energy level up for the entire event.

Your wedding music and reception deserve as much attention and uniqueness as your love. Leave it to the professionals to make sure you’re having the celebration of a lifetime. Thanks so much for Entertain! for sharing the your thoughts with us!

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