5 Things Your Photographer Needs to Know from Meredith Teasley

5 Things Your Photographer Needs to Know from Meredith Teasley

Each wedding a photographer‘s photographs provide their own unique moments. In order for them to capture your day without missing a beat, there’s some stuff you’ve got to let them in on. With the help of local professional Meredith Teasley Photography, we’re sharing 5 things your photographer needs to know! Keep reading to see what they are!

1. The Details Most Important to You.

Your photographer would love to know the details you value most! Is it your grandmother’s ring or the lace from your mom’s wedding gown? Or is it capturing the crazy dance moves of all your college friends who made the trip together to be at your wedding? Is it simply your groom’s face when he sees you walk down the aisle, or plenty of classic portraits of the two of you together? Whatever it is, let your photographer know what you value most on your wedding day so they don’t miss it!

2. Surprises.

As photographers, we promise not to share your secrets, but we just ask that you let us in on them! Are you and dad performing a choreographed father/daughter dance? Or, is there a surprise happening during the ceremony? Often times, these surprises may only last a split second, and can happen when your photographer is adjusting a camera setting or changing a lens. Set yourself (and your photographer) up for success by sharing any surprises planned on the wedding day. Remember, secret’s safe with us!

3. The Family Drama.

Ok, so we don’t want to know all the family drama, we promise! But, when we know about tricky family situations, we can help diffuse potentially awkward situations for you on your most important day! When your photographer knows what’s up, and who doesn’t need to be in the photo and who does, we have the best chance of keeping everyone smiling!

4. Names.

It’s amazing how smoothly wedding day photos can go when we know the names of the key players. Share with your photographer the names of your maid of honor and best man, the kids involved, and even the bride and grooms’ parents or family members’ names. These people can help your photographer corral the rest of the groups needed for photos, and personally, I love to have names listed in all the family group photos requested. After all, who doesn’t love to be called by their name?

5. The Party Plan.

Depending on how long you’ve booked your photographer, they are likely planning to stay at your reception for a set amount of time, or until you leave. If you have special dances planned, share that. Your photographer needs to know who’s giving toasts and when you’re cutting the cake. Let them know when you plan to leave and how you plan to leave so their team can capture your exit flawlessly. 

As you plan, it’s easy to look past these details and assume the photographer doesn’t care or doesn’t need to know. But, the more details you give, the more detailed and momentous photos you can expect! 

5 Things Every Wedding Photographer Needs to Know featured on Nashville Bride Guide

This is great advice, Meredith! Thank you so much for sharing 5 things your photographer needs to know! And for any bride looking for a Nashville wedding photographer, be sure to check out Meredith Teasley Photography!


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