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Why You Should Hire a Videographer from Details Nashville

We get asked so often if it’s worth having both a wedding photographer and a wedding videographer on your wedding day. If there’s just one piece of advice we can offer, it’s that having a wedding videographer is SO worth it. Often times we hear from couples who do not have a wedding day video and it’s one thing they regret. After the I dos and fun celebrations have come to an end, chances are you’re going to wish you could relive your day over and over and over again. While your photos can showcase so much, it’s impossible to hear things like your dad’s voice or your first dance song. By having a wedding videographer you’re sure to be able to watch those memories and emotions back an endless amount of times. It’s is just one of the many reasons why you should hire a videographer, but we’ll let Canaan of Details Nashville take it from here to explain a bit more!

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Why is it important to hire a videographer?

Canaan: Heres the thing about videography, while a photo captures a moment in time. The video RECORDS those moments in time, it’s active, fluid, you get the full picture of whats unfolding in the scene. This sets it apart in importance, because while photos of grandma at the wedding are wonderful and important. Getting video of grandma sharing her wisdom and congratulations to the couple, is priceless. Hearing her voice, see her smile or wipe a tear from her eye, the movement brings her to life many, many years after she’s passed, you get to carry those types of moments into the future with you.

What makes your wedding video so special?

Canaan: Our wedding videos are special because they capitalize on a form of nostalgia. They’re usually a little slower paced, flowing, and almost dreamy. We want our videos to feel like romantic memories when you’re watching them!

Why do some couples skip over wedding videography?

Canaan: I think often it comes down to budget, but also not understanding the benefits of videography on your wedding day. When were talking to potential clients we like to remind them that while a picture of your dad giving a speech that made everyone melt, and cry, is fantastic, but having a video of him saying those words, hearing the emotion in his own voice, seeing the impact he had on the room, those moments captured on video can be deeply impactful. We had a bride whose dad passed away from cancer not terribly long after she was married, and she reached out to us, to let know how much the video footage we had of her father meant to her family. They had many photos, but to bring him back to life through video was so powerful for them. Now obviously this is a special case, but the fact that we can capture those memories for people and provide a profound comfort in moments like that, will make video a priority for us as a company as long as were doing this.

What videography services and packages can Details Nashville provide for couples?

Canaan: So we have a few packages we offer. We offer an 8 hour package and a 10 hour package that both include two videographers, an edited highlight reel, edited ceremony, and all the raw footage from the day. We also offer live ceremony options and micro wedding packages for couples who are looking for something a little more low-key!

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Thanks Canaan for sharing this helpful information with us! If you can find room in your budget the benefits of why you should hire a videographer are unlike any other! And if you’re looking for one of the best, Details Nashville is ready to tell your story. You can find more information about them here!


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