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Why Booking with a Well-Traveled Travel Planner Matters

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When it comes to planning your dream honeymoon, you want to ensure that every detail is just right. From choosing the perfect destination to finding the best accommodations and activities, there’s a lot that goes into making your trip unforgettable. That’s where a travel planner comes in handy. But not just any travel planner—someone like Carlie from 2 Travel Anywhere, who has visited each Sandals and Beaches destination multiple times. In this blog post, we’ll explore why it’s crucial to book your vacation with a planner who has personal experience with the places you’re going to.

Why is it important to book a travel planner who has been to all of the destinations?

Carlie: Sure you can use a search engine and research it yourself but why not book your travels with someone who has personally been to the destination to help answer your questions about the destination.

What other qualities should you look for when booking a travel planner for your honeymoon or wedding?

Carlie: How experienced the travel is. Just because someone is a travel agent doesn’t mean that they know everything about the destination or that they have even been to the destination that you are interested. Be sure to ask the travel agent if they have personally vacationed to the destination.

What are some of your favorite resorts from the ones you’ve visited?

Carlie: Can I honestly say all of them? Because we love them all!! Each destination and each resort has something completely different and unique to offer. When planning with us we base the best destination for you based upon your likes and interests. Every Sandals and Beaches Resort is totally different and has some unique to offer.

Have you been to some of the resorts multiple times?

Carlie: Yes I have been to every Sandals and Beaches more than once. It is so important to visit the different destinations and share with you the changes, and updates, and meet with the staff and management. Every time we visit a resort we do a room tour of all the different room categories as they make changes to the rooms from time to time.

Have you stayed in a variety of rooms on each resort?

Carlie: Sandals has 3 different levels of room categories: Luxury, Club, and Butler. And yes we have stayed in all the different Luxury Included Levels as we want to experience firsthand what it is like and share with you.

What are some of the best resorts for honeymooners?

Carlie: WOW- So many options are available the possibilities’ are endless. I like to base the best resort based upon the two of you. Every couple wants a different honeymoon we plan the honeymoon based upon your likes and interests. Do you want a quiet honeymoon? Do you want more entertainment for your honeymoon? Do you want adventure? Do you like history? Do you like the beach or the pool better? Do you want a swim up room or private pool? What budget do you have in mind? We go through questions with sending a questionnaire or scheduling a planning session to help customize your once in a lifetime dream honeymoon.

What are some of the best resorts for weddings?

Carlie: Each resort and destination is completely different and we base the best destination wedding off the couple’s likes and interests. We schedule a planning session or can send a questionnaire to help narrow the best option. With the cost of having a destination wedding in Nashville a beach destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort has become a popular choice for several couples. Sandals is a popular pick because staying 7 nights or longer and your wedding is included. Now Sandals is perfect for all adult, all-inclusive beach weddings and for guests of all ages Beaches Resorts is the best!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your travels to all of the Sandals resorts?

Carlie: Make sure to book with a travel agent who is experienced and knowledgeable about the Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts. Hopefully, it is Carlie with 2 Travel Anywhere LLC that you book with as we have personally been to every Sandals and Beaches Resort more than once and we book a few hundred couples a year to each resort. 2 Travel Anywhere LLC are members of the Elite Chairman Royal Club (a select group of top travel agents are invited to this Elite Group) with Sandals and love to help plan your dream getaway.

Your journey starts with the right travel planner, and Carlie is here to make your dreams a reality. Reach out to 2 Travel Anywhere and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure that exceeds your expectations.

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