Rebecca Musayev Legacy Wedding Photography

What is Legacy Wedding Photography?

In a world where trends come and go, one thing remains constant: the importance of preserving cherished memories. And when it comes to your wedding day, there’s no better way to freeze those precious moments in time than through legacy wedding photography. Legacy wedding photography is more than just a style; it’s a heartfelt commitment to capturing the essence of your special day and preserving it for generations to come. It’s less about posing and more about allowing genuine emotions and connections to shine through. Rebecca Musayev Photography is taking a deep dive into this photography approach. Keep on reading to learn more on how this photography style varies from others!

What is Legacy Wedding Photography?

Rebecca Musayev Photography: I am a storyteller. We are all connected, growing, and changing. Stories remind us of who we are and where we’ve been. They are the tangible moments in our lives. Legacy wedding photography is about telling a story and freezing the past so it could be a part of the future; a future rooted in legacy.

Can you describe the look of legacy wedding photography?

Rebecca: It’s real, it’s your story, your emotions, your life. It captures all of the details and moments that you never even knew were happening. The split seconds that make life so beautiful.

How is legacy wedding photography different from other photography styles?

Rebecca: It doesn’t have an exact style. It isn’t focused on artistic trends but rather on the real and raw moments that are happening.

What type of couple loves legacy wedding photography?

Rebecca: Couples that value the importance of photography. Ones that connect with my passion for what I do and trust me to be a part of their lives. My couples tend to be career-oriented, refined, and traditional.

Do you incorporate film photography into legacy wedding photography?

Rebecca: I do not BUT I started in film photography. I have the foundations of capturing and creating an image. I shot and developed my own images for years both as a hobby and in classes throughout highschool and college. Although I adore film, I personally love the reliance of digital on such an important day such as weddings.

What type of editing style do you use with legacy wedding photography?

Rebecca: You won’t get a trend or fad from me. I shoot true to color and follow the light. My photography is true to color while being elegant and bright.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about legacy wedding photography?

Rebecca: I am a mother and a wife and those titles bring deep inspiration into my life. I have been documenting weddings for over half a decade, with each one being more unique than the last. Through my faith, I believe there is such a strong bond amongst us as God created us for connection. The relationship with my couples paired with the magnifying experience I tailor for them, creates tangible imagery of their most cherished moments. It’s those bonds that make days like your wedding day meaningful, joyful, and enlightening.

If you’d like Rebecca Musayev Photography to document your cherished moments, you can find her contact information here!

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