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In today’s fast-paced digital world, couples are increasingly seeking instant gratification, even when it comes to their wedding memories. Enter wedding content creation, a burgeoning service that allows newlyweds to relive their special day almost instantaneously. But what is a wedding content creator? Anna Coats, owner of Marry Me Tampa Bay and Behind the Vows, shares her insights on this innovative trend in a recent episode of The Wedding Reporter podcast.

What is Wedding Content Creation?

Wedding content creation is a service where couples hire professional content creators to document their wedding day in real-time, primarily using iPhones. Unlike traditional wedding videography, where couples might wait months to receive their edited video, content creators provide the raw footage within 24 to 48 hours. This immediate access to their wedding day moments is a significant draw for couples who crave instant memories.

The Allure of Instant Memories

One of the biggest appeals of wedding content creation is the quick turnaround time. Anna explains, “Couples don’t want to wait six months for their final video. They want to relive that moment instantaneously.” This service caters to the desire for immediate gratification, allowing couples to share highlights of their day on social media shortly after the event. However, it’s not just about social media; many couples cherish these videos as personal keepsakes to revisit the next day.

Versatility in Coverage

The flexibility of wedding content creation packages is another reason for its popularity. Anna notes that couples can choose different coverage options based on their preferences and the day’s timeline. For instance, some may prioritize capturing intimate family interactions over the entire reception, while others might want coverage for a special event like a midnight balloon drop. Typically, packages are similar to those offered by photographers and videographers, with most couples opting for an eight-hour package to cover the whole day.

Content Creation vs. Videography

A common question is how wedding content creation differs from traditional videography. Anna clarifies, “We do not have you mic’d up. If you want those crisp recordings of your vows, that’s what videographers are for.” Content creators focus on capturing spontaneous, behind-the-scenes moments rather than producing a polished, cinematic wedding film. This includes candid interactions and the small, intimate moments that might not make it into a professional highlight reel.

A Professional Approach

Professionalism is key in this field, especially when working alongside other vendors like photographers and videographers. Anna emphasizes the importance of coordination and respect for other vendors’ work, ensuring that the content creator does not interfere with crucial shots. “We always tell our couples that the photographer and videographer get first dibs on everything,” she says. This collaborative approach helps maintain harmony and ensures the couple receives the best possible coverage from all angles.

Delivering the Goods

As for the deliverables, couples typically receive all the raw footage via a digital link the next day. Additionally, a “sizzle reel” – a short, edited video set to music – is provided within a few days, allowing couples to immediately enjoy a highlight of their wedding day. This reel can be shared on social media or kept for personal enjoyment, depending on the couple’s preference.

The Personal Touch

Interestingly, Anna finds that most couples book this service for themselves rather than for social media fame. They value the ability to relive their day and capture moments that might be a blur in the excitement of the event. Whether it’s a groom’s reaction to his dog walking down the aisle or a candid laugh shared between the newlyweds, these snippets hold significant sentimental value.

Final Thoughts

Wedding content creation is reshaping how couples experience their wedding day memories. With its emphasis on immediacy and candidness, it complements traditional photography and videography, offering a more comprehensive and personal record of the day. As Anna Coats highlights, understanding the nuances of wedding logistics and maintaining professional integrity are crucial for delivering a seamless and memorable experience for couples.

For those planning their big day, wedding content creation might just be the perfect way to ensure that every laugh, tear, and unforgettable moment is captured and cherished forever.

Show Notes

Anna Coats, owner of Marry Me Tampa Bay and Behind the Vows, discusses the emerging trend of wedding content creation. This service involves hiring content creators to film behind-the-scenes footage of the wedding day using iPhones. The appeal of this service is the quick turnaround time, with couples receiving the content within 24 to 48 hours. Couples can choose different packages based on their preferences, such as capturing interactions with family members or focusing on specific moments like a balloon drop. The deliverables include raw footage, an edited reel with music, and the option to customize the content. Anna emphasizes the importance of hiring a content creator who understands the logistics of a wedding day and can work seamlessly with other vendors. She also highlights the value of local wedding publications like Marry Me Tampa Bay, which provide inspiration, vetted vendor recommendations, and educational resources for couples.

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