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You find a great band that can play all your favorites but you may be thinking…can they keep my guests on the dance floor all night though? Or maybe, they are a band that can stay upbeat all night but can they play those really sweet and special ballads you know you need? It’s a tough place to be! You need to make sure this band has it all and everything you ask and need; after all, music really can create, set, and turn a vibe for the whole evening! Welcome Velvet Skies! Velvet Skies is a product of Octavia Entertainment out of the true need to find this niche band after the creator and owner of 4AGTC (For a Good Time Call) found Brianna and realized she had her own set of skills that needed to be shown. Find out more about Velvet Skies below!

Proudly represented by Octavia Entertainment

Tell us about your company + how long you’ve been in business.

Brianna Corbett, the owner and lead vocalist of Velvet Skies: We became Velvet Skies in the spring of 2022, but we have known each other and played music together in some form or fashion since we met in college.

How did you get started in weddings?

Brianna Corbett: Well, we are all Trevecca University Alumni…Spencer (Saxophone) was a few years ahead of us, but we all graduated from there. Spence and Erik (Bass) were already performing with our friend DeAnna in her band, For a Good Time, Call…When DeAnna was looking to expand, they held auditions and Erik asked if we’d be interested in submitting a video or scheduling a time to meet with DeAnna. I am pretty sure she met and hired us all the same day! I did one show co-fronting with 4AGTC before DeAnna decided that we were going to go in a different direction. My passion wasn’t exactly in pop music and she hit the nail on the head when she said, “We need to create a product for you…would you consider starting your own band with an emphasis on funk, jazz, soul and r&b?” That was much more my wheelhouse, and honestly, I was relieved that she noticed and wanted me to find a niche where I was comfortable and able to thrive vs somewhere I was happy to be, but didn’t suit my style as well. A few months after that conversation, DeAnna formed Octavia Entertainment. Since I am classically trained, I was asked to perform a few jazz and opera pieces for her special gatherings division called Luxe Ceremony Entertainment. She still didn’t think I was being supported to my full potential, so we had a chat with 4AGTC’s musicians (and my classmates) and decided to record a few songs that would best represent who I was as a singer with them as the band. We already had a few ideas of songs we would want to showcase and honestly, it just kind of fell into place. Once we saw the footage, we knew we were on the right track, so DeAnna helped us get our branding and business paperwork in order and Velvet Skies was born! We’d performed at clubs and smaller gatherings since Octavia’s launch, but our first big performance for a wedding was in February of 2023 at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. That was one of the best days…we were so proud to be there to celebrate with them! It was the perfect fit!

What’s the philosophy behind your company? What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

Brianna Corbett: We offer a different kind of “vibe.” There are so many event bands out there, but we weren’t aware of any who provided a lounge feel with a twist that could still keep people on the dance floor. We are versatile enough to play a full evening of Jazz or we can spice it up and create a feeling similar to what you would experience in a high end venue like the Twelve Thirty Club. Our range flows from Jazz to Funk to R&B…A little swanky, a little posh… yet, we know the party classics from performing with 4AGTC. We re-vamp and re-arrange them to better suit our style, but if a client wants to hear Valerie or Don’t Stop Believing, we can shift gears while still being able to put our own spin on it.

What attracts couples to your business?

Brianna Corbett: What’s funny is, our target clients are complete opposites. On one hand, we fit the classic, formal, black-tie aesthetic and on the other, we are an experience for the modern, or avant-garde couple who want to stand out and give their party a pop of the unexpected.

What is the most innovative new product, service, style or other aspect of your industry that brides and grooms might appreciate?

Brianna Corbett: Well, we are a non-traditional band, so I would have to say that we are here for anything that pushes the limits of “this is how things are traditionally done.” There is so much time and effort put into these events. We love to see couples be unapologetic about making their day their own. If you are that couple, we just may be the band for you!

And with that, we are so excited to be sharing with your Velvet Skies! We hope this helps you find your most perfect band for your most perfect day!

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