Wedding Dress Themed Reels from Lavender Park Bridal

When it comes to a themed wedding, we are ALL IN! So when we saw Lavender Park Bridal’s Instagram reels for themed wedding dresses based on some of our favorite TV shows and movies, we were thrilled! From Bridgerton to Clueless, the range is wide! We absolutely love all of the unique dresses Lavender Park Bridal carries in their shop. Plus, they are priced affordably and come in a wide size range! Keep reading and press play on some of these amazing IG reels that the team at Lavender Park Bridal created!

Bridgerton Themed Wedding Dresses

Tell us more about the dresses you chose for the Bridgerton Theme Reel!

Kayla: We chose gowns that gave off a modern adaptation of what what a Regency bride might wear on her wedding day! Puffy Sleeves and an empire waist are a definite make; however, subtle elements like how beadwork is laid out can also give off Bridgerton vibes.

Clueless Themed Wedding Dresses

What inspired the dresses for the Clueless Theme? Describe the dresses you chose!

Kayla: Who doesn’t love an iconic 90’s moment and what better encapsulates that, than the fashion stylings of Cher from Clueless. She is fun and over the top while also representing classic mid to late 90″s bridal that romanticizes clean lines and beautiful laces.

The Notebook Themed Wedding Dresses

We love The Notebook! Tell us more about these Notebook-themed wedding dresses at Lavender Park Bridal!

Kayla: The Notebook is the epitome of romance novel turned film that made everyone fall head over heels with the story and couple. When choosing gowns for this reel we wanted to take into consideration the overly romantic theme of the movie while also being considerate of the time period. The Notebook takes place in the 40’s and sleeves and lace were all the rage. Each dress has a vintage feel to it, be it the type of lace pattern, the sleeves, the swiss dot, every gown could easily be worn by Allie.

Hogwarts Themed Wedding Dresses

How did you come up with the dress selections for the Hogwarts Themed Reel?

Kayla: Coming up with the dresses for the Hogwarts Houses reel (though super fun) was not an easy task. We know how personal everyone takes their house placement and how important it is to make sure you are as accurate as possible. For Gryffindor we chose a gown that most closely resembled Hermione’s gown when she attends the Yule ball in Harry Potter the Goblet of Fire since she is the most popular female Gryffindor. For Slytherin we wanted a sleek and modern look that gave off the elegant yet serious feel. For Hufflepuff we wanted something fun and magical that represented how lovely, kind, and amazing Hufflepuffs are ::not biased at all:: Hufflepuff 4 lyfe. Then for Ravenclaw we wanted something that felt elevated and classic while giving off a unique vibe which embodies a Ravenclaw’s persona.

Thank you so much to the Lavender Park Bridal team for sharing all of these fun reels with us! You can check them out over in our vendor directory or contact them today to make an appointment to try on some gorgeous wedding dresses!


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