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Colleen + Kevyn’s Vibrant, Elegant Wedding at Cedarmont Farm

Cue the tears and heart eyes! Colleen + Kevyn are married! Yes, our very own friend and NBG wedding pro Colleen, owner of Cedarmont Farm, wed (her now husband) Kevyn on the property of her childhood home… turned wedding venue! We absolutely love the meaning and history behind the property – just knowing Colleen has so many amazing memories there, and sealing the deal by hosting their wedding at Cedarmont Farm. From the vibrant floral colors to emulate Southwest style to the sweet personalized details at every turn, their guests were sure to have a ball celebrating these newlyweds! Keep reading to get all the scoop on their wedding day and see these gorgeous photos from John Myers Photography!

Colleen + Kevyn


Cedarmont Farm

Guests ~ 118

How did you meet?

Colleen’s Version: Your Worst Nightmare. Yes, that was literally the name of the TV show they met on. Kevyn was working props and Colleen was wardrobe. True crime, tick-infested woods, sleep deprivation and lots of fake blood created the perfect atmosphere for love at first sight. Colleen thought Kevyn was handsome but also a little scary because he had a huge beard and was kinda quiet. He kept asking to borrow her steamer on set even though he had his own. The first three times they hung out with friends, Colleen fell asleep. They went on their first date to eat pho (Kevyn’s favorite). This was literally Colleen’s Worst Nightmare as she gets very self conscious when slurping noodles and avoids it at all costs. She barely ate and was really hungry. She did stay awake the whole time though so that was progress. A month later they went to New Orleans with some of Kevyn’s friends to watch them play a show. They ate delicious food, listened to great music and fell in love. A month after that she decided to take him home for Christmas. It should’ve been weird but it wasn’t. And that was that. And now they’re getting married and it’s going to be really fun.

How We Met (Kevyn’s Version): Kevyn first met Colleen on a music video shoot in Dahlonega, Ga, not officially, but Kevyn remembers seeing Colleen on set and around the hotel, particularly, one night where they both looked at each other before entering their respective hotel rooms at separate ends of the floor. She had big hair. Colleen does not remember ANY of this. Kevyn was wearing a tank top and towel shorts (both from Target). For the next few years Kevyn would occasionally keep tabs on Colleen via mutual friend Facebook sleuthing, in a semi-creepy, yet semi-harmless kind of way. In October 2017, fate would put Colleen’s name on the same call sheet as Kevyn. “I’m going to marry her,” he softly told his ceiling. On set, they first connected at video village with a shared “yikes” eye contact after the director threw a moody over a background actor that wasn’t very good at walking (it’s harder than you think). Kevyn knew she was interested when she asked if he had kids. He knew he was in trouble when he saw the anger in her eyes as she fumed at production about load-in and found himself intrigued. Kevyn thought she wasn’t very good at eating pho, but has considered her amazing at almost everything else since.

Tell us about your engagement!

Colleen: During a COVID roadtrip across the west, Kevyn proposed to Colleen at the edge of the Grand Canyon at sunrise. Then they rode mules around the edge of the canyon just to really get their adrenaline pumping. Fun Fact: Mules don’t spook blindly like horses. They wish someone had told them that at the beginning instead of the end of the trip.

What was the vision for your wedding?

Colleen: It was a lot of pressure envisioning my wedding haha. After designing so many for others I knew I wanted to do something different and I knew I wanted tons of personal touches that made it about Kevyn and I more than about my job as a planner and our venue. I wanted that to be part of our story that was reflected in our wedding but I didn’t want that to be what the day was about. It was about Kevyn and I. I would’ve married him on a city bus in my pajamas but getting to design our wedding at a place that I grew up on, we lived at now and I had made into my career added a lot of meaning to it for us. And after I got over the pressure of it and just focused on what we wanted it to be it was SO much fun to design and plan our wedding!

What was your theme and what inspired it?

Colleen: [I have] no idea if [our wedding] had an official theme. I wanted to do something different in our barn venue. I wanted something colorful and vibrant but still modern and elegant. I didn’t want anything too glamorous though and wanted to highlight the natural beauty of the space. We were naturally drawn to painted desert type colors maybe because of our proposal in the desert. I also love the Southwest earthy aesthetic so wanted to bring that in a few places if I could without being too over the top.

What details were used to create your theme?

Colleen: For the ceremony we just knew we wanted to get married in the middle of the field. The wide open space was what I had always imagined and Kevyn loved it too. We did softer colors for the ceremony and did a full floral arch which would pop well against the green of the field and trees. Many vendors thought I was a little crazy for having such a long aisle but honestly my walk down the aisle with my parents still went by way too fast! I wanted concrete chargers so bad but couldn’t find them anywhere so we layered earthen alabaster china from Southern Events with tile place cards from White Ink Calligraphy to ground the table design.

I love poppies and ranunuculs and wanted to reflect the pinks, oranges, and peaches of the desert in the florals but literally have them spilling out everywhere (out of compotes, off the ends of the tables). For the floral installs in the space I again wanted it to look like some giant had come through and playfully hung garlands of flowers throughout our barn. Beautiful but natural so we made sure to stay away from a conformed style or aesthetic with those and used both strands of carnations and full florals hanging among the greenery. I love the colorful Southwest/ Mexican inspired pom pom garlands and wanted to somewhat mimic those with our florals. I also loved Southern’s acrylic chairs we used for the center long table as that added a little bit of a modern flair. I love mixing textures so the velvet napkins were perfect. On the patio I wanted it fun! I love Spark Vintage‘s couches and furniture so we made sure to do a lounge set up out there which went perfectly with Paisley and Co.‘s photobooth VW van. We also had a champagne wall and a large floral install on the tree.

Where did you splurge? Where did you save/DIY?

Colleen: We splurged on our florals for sure! We saved with our bar (and our venue- I know a place haha). We did beer/wine and 2 signature cocktails (+1 mocktail). It honestly saved a lot in alcohol and bar costs and no one cared at all. We used that money for other fun things for our guests like the photo booth, lounge furniture and late night snack! We also DIY’d our bar menu & favors.

What words of advice do you have for couples in the midst of their planning?

Colleen: Try to make it personal. Don’t worry so much about trends or what everyone else likes and try to focus on what you and your soon-to-be husband want! Weddings can have so many “rules” and “traditions”. Keep the ones you like and throw out the ones you don’t. Also do a first look! We weren’t going to do this but were worried it may rain after the ceremony since we had a spring wedding and it was my favorite part of the day. It can get so stressful right before the wedding with pictures and wrangling everyone etc., it was so nice to have thirty minutes to see him and just be alone and the photos are my favorite. And for the brides who are worried they won’t get an emotional response when they walk down the aisle if they do a first look… It will still be so emotional because you’re about to get MARRIED. That’s why grooms cry. They don’t cry about your dress or how you look. They cry because they’re about to marry you and doing a first look or not isn’t going to change that.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your wedding?

Colleen: Our personal details gave it so much meaning! Our favors were honey from the bees we keep on the farm and hot sauce we made from peppers we grew together in our garden. We did trivia about us on the back of the menus and we had the strings do a version of our song “Superposition” when I walked down the aisle. We wanted our guests to know how much we appreciated them so we wanted them to feel “spoiled” and have fun. We made sure to have a special mocktail for our non-drinkers, a late night snack from Dream Events and Mason kept our dance floor packed! At the end of the night we had a fireworks display. Kevyn and I also put meaning into many of the little things for the day. I got ready in my childhood room and wore rings from my grandmother and my great grandmother. My earrings were borrowed from my mom and my something blue were my socks (I LOVED my sparkly boots). My gift to Kevyn was custom cufflinks with his birthstone and he gifted me another band.

Thank you so much to Colleen & Kevyn for sharing their day with us today! I absolutely love seeing NBG wedding pros get married! You can follow along with more Cedarmont Farm weddings over on their Instagram page and be sure to check out Colleen’s amazing IG reels!

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