Ways to Utilize a Venue with a 24-hour Rental from 14TENN

Did you know that Nashville wedding venue, 14TENN allows clients to book their venue for a full 24 hour rental?! This means, no more worrying about having to tear down late at night at the end of your celebration. There are also some great ways to optimize this time frame! The folks at 14TENN are sharing all the perks along with some wedding planning advice to help you make the most of the space within the 24 hours. Keep reading to find out more!

14TENN Nashville Wedding Venue

Were so happy to hear that 14TENN has a 24 hour rental period! Tell us more about the ins and outs of the rental.

14TENN: When a client books with 14TENN they have the venue for a full 24 hours! During this time clients can get ready in our client ready room, and vendors are able to set up and prepare for the event. Clients can also take advantage of this time to do a first look, take wedding party photos, and enjoy time together before the big event.

What are the perks of booking a venue with a 24 hour rental?

14TENN: The main perks are no rushing into the venue when it’s time for setup, and no late night clean up! Vendors are able to set up starting at 10:00AM the day of the event, which makes their schedules able to be flexible for any other events they may have going on. The client and vendors both can can choose to leave items at 14TENN overnight, and come back before 10AM the following morning, rather than load out as soon as the event concludes.

What are the hour restrictions? When does your rental period start and end?

14TENN: The rental period begins at 10:00AM the day of the event and ends at 10:00AM the next day!

14TENN Nashville Wedding Venue

How does the rental period work with getting your rentals/decor delivered and set up? Does everything for your wedding need to happen within this 24 hour window?

14TENN: Everything from deliveries, set up, tear down, and the big event happens within the 24 hour time frame. 10:00AM -10:00AM gives the client plenty of time to prepare for the event, have an amazing time, and leave the clean up for the next day.

Is there a 14TENN staff member on site during all of the 24 hour rental time?

14TENN: Yes! The client concierge and/or coordinator are onsite, as well as our night security, who acts as a second venue manager. Someone is always there to assist our clients throughout their 24 hour rental.

How have you seen couples use the 24 hour rental in a unique way?

14TENN: Some unique ways that we have seen a 24 rental period be utilized are late night receptions and after parties. Couples will bring in a food truck or late night caterer and let their party go on even after the couple has exited! Another great way to use the time is for a brunch wedding. Setup can begin right at 10:00AM, and the event will typically start around noon (based on setup). From there, you have the entire day to party, and can wind down early if you choose.

14TENN Nashville Wedding 14TENN Nashville Wedding

Not only is 14TENN a great Nashville wedding venue, but offering clients this timeframe is such a huge perk! Thanks so much, Lauren for sharing this information and wedding planning advice with us!

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