Vibrant Summer Wedding at Sinking Creek Farm featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Vibrant Summer Wedding at Sinking Creek Farm

With a love story as beautiful as Jenna and Tim’s it was only fitting that their wedding day be just as timeless! Their vibrant summer wedding at Sinking Creek Farm was filled with the prettiest florals, an outdoor ceremony, and topped off with a fun celebration. The colors of day held much more meaning; as they honored Jenna’s dad who favorited the shades the couple included into their arrangements. The gorgeous lighting shining through these images by Allie Chambers Photography really highlights the joyfulness these two share and we’re excited for you to see the best moments of their day!

From Allie, the photographer: Jenna and Tim met in a church nursery when they were two years old, and they grew up in the same neighborhood and youth group. After a beautiful relationship, Tim and Jenna decided that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

For the proposal, Tim took Jenna took multiple locations that were significant and meaningful to their relationship. The tour ended at a local trailhead, where Tim got down on one knee and proposed. Jenna responded yes before he could even get the words out! Jenna and Tim describe themselves as fearless, joyful, and committed to one another.

The beautiful summer wedding day was meaningful, fun, and filled with tears and laughter. The vibrant and warm colors of the floral arrangements were the father of the bride’s favorite colors to honor him on the wedding day, as he had passed away shortly before the wedding. This day was full of love, and they were surrounded by closest of friends and family to share their marriage.

How beautiful! Congratulations Jenna and Tim! Huge thanks to Allie Chambers Photography for sharing their vibrant summer wedding at Sinking Creek Farm with us!

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