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Two Unique Venue Locations at Burdoc Farms

Whether you’re a nature lover or ready to take in the scenery with a bit more modernity, the two unique venue locations at Burdoc Farms have you covered! Today Sara is here to answer questions about the local wedding venue, with details of what each locations offers, what’s included in your packages, and how to choose between the two. Keep reading to find out all that information at more!

We love that you have TWO main venue locations at Burdoc Farms! Tell us about the Chapel Barn!

Sara: The wedding business was started in 2012 with the conversion of the equipment barn, now known as The Chapel Barn. Then the rehabilitation of the The Tobacco Barn followed. The Shepherd family painstakingly rehabbed and recycled all materials in both barns to enhance and preserve the authenticity of the buildings. The Chapel Barn goes with the Tobacco Barn venue, so you actually have 2 barns to utilize for your big day. The Chapel Barn was originally our equipment and hay barn for the farm which was converted into a chapel for your ceremony. There are church pews, several arches to choose from, a set of doors to walk thru, Edison bulb string lights and a chandelier. The Chapel Barn is one of a kind.

Tell us all about the Tobacco Barn!

Sara: The Tobacco Barn was built in 1952 to house tobacco and beef cattle on the farm. The Tobacco Barn was built by the Wood Brothers from Cadiz Kentucky. The Wood brothers were well known for their pole barn structures and at the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle Washington the brothers were hired to build a pole barn structure on site as a testament to American ingenuity. Off the deck of the Tobacco Barn is the most unique feature at Burdoc Farms. There is a nice patio area that provides additional space for your guest to hang out and relax where you will find the 150 year old fireplace that was found on the family farm back in the 50’s. What was once an old homestead, the hand-cut sandstone rock fireplace was all the remained of the home. The fireplace was dismantled then rebuilt at the barn for everyone to enjoy.

Meet Burdoc Farms featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Tell us more about Keith Glen – the newest addition to the Burdoc Farms locations!

Sara: In 2016 the second venue was built, Keith Glen, a year round facility with a 30 foot glass wall, natural stone features and wood accents, all taken from the farm and incorporated in the design of the building, with several chandeliers, string Edison bulb lights, a copper bar top, natural wood farm tables and a massive natural stone fireplace add to the beauty of the building. . The venue is situated in the woods by a pond with a lighted fountain, that is surrounded by fields and trees, where our resident swans Gus and Grace live, and an outside concrete pad facing the pond where you can have your ceremony. At Keith Glen you can still enjoy the natural beauty of Burdoc Farms with the many outdoor areas to take photos and have your ceremony but also have the climate controlled building to use so you don’t have to worry about the weather.

What are the main differences between the locations?

Sara: If you are all about history and a nature lover, then the Tobacco Barn venue is for you. If you want a more modern feel, but still want access to nature just not upfront and personal, then Keith Glen is the venue for you. They both have very unique features, the Tobacco Barn has the overlook and the 150 year old stone fireplace, Keith Glen has the 30 foot glass wall, pond with fountain and a stone fireplace… that make both venues very dramatic for your wedding day, you just have to decide what your vision is for your wedding day and how one of our venues fits into that vision. If you are a nature lover, really both venues will provide that for you, the venues sit on 650 acres of private proerpty owned by the Shepherd family. SO nature is everywhere!

Meet Burdoc Farms featured on Nashville Bride Guide
Meet Burdoc Farms featured on Nashville Bride Guide

What are the similarities? What will you get in your package when you book either barn at Burdoc Farms?

Sara: With both venues you get everything, tables, chairs, props, dressing rooms, access to all the amenities. Some venues piecemeal those items and amenities but not at Burdoc Farms. We want you to be able to use all the great conveniences and beautiful and unique props, arches, chairs, tables and furniture that we have at Burdoc Farms. We don’t want you to be stressing about what is going to be there or not going to be there day of your wedding.

Are there ever two weddings happening at the same time on the property?

Sara: Always, we have multiple events going on year round. But you will never know it at Burdoc Farms. We have 650 acres so there is plenty of space and room between each venue.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the venue locations on the Burdoc Farms property?

Sara: We are a family owned business. The venues are on a farm that has been in the Shepherd family since 1946. It is more than just a wedding business for us, it is about sharing the beauty of our family farm with others and moving the farm forward into the future.

Burdoc Farms wedding by Billie-Shaye Style Photography featured on Nashville Bride Guide!
Burdoc Farms wedding by Billie-Shaye Style Photography featured on Nashville Bride Guide!
Billie-Shaye Style

Thanks Sara for sharing all about the two unique venue locations at Burdoc Farms. This was super helpful! For more information about this local wedding venue, check out their website and Instagram!


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