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    Have you ever noticed that no matter how different (visually) a wedding can be, the ceremony itself is typically all the same?

    When I began officiating, I decided to create a modern version of a ceremony that captures the modern times and tells the story of the couples specifically.

    While the ceremony is timeless, in today’s society, a ceremony must capture and create a memory in a timely fashion.

    I have successfully crafted a ceremony that is timely, memorable, heartwarming and fun.

    One example of how my ceremony differs from the traditional is that I have removed the part of the introduction “if anyone has any objections speak now or forever hold your piece”. I think that is rude and not relevant to today’s couples. I have included something very special and fun in its place. The introduction includes the guest (in person or via social media) to participate in the ceremony. I ask the family friends and loved ones in the audience or online, to do a favor for me. If this favor is something they can do, I ask them to respond by joyfully responding “I Do”!  “From this day forward, can you as family, friends and loved ones….love, support and encourage this couple as they become husband and wife (or spouses for life)? The guest respond by saying “I Do”! This is a fun way to integrate family and friends into the ceremony instead of just being observers. This change has been received with open arms, people love it! Many parents and grandparents have expressed this was the part of the wedding they have enjoyed the most.

    Whether you are looking for a more modern or traditional, religious or non religious wedding; I will work with you to deliver a ceremony you will treasure.

    Please contact me directly via text or by phone call (615) 618-1207!