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    “It’s your wedding, not mine.”

    The quote above is what I tell my couples all the time. Throughout the years couples have had the conformed ceremonies that fit a certain mold.

    There is not ONE type of couple, so why has there always been ONE typical ceremony?

    What if the ceremony was just as creative as the wedding itself?

    What if the ceremony was a reflection of the couple and their beliefs instead of what has always been done?

    Why say the same vows everyone else has always said?

    Why get nervous about where to stand or what to say, just because someone hundreds of years ago said it should be that way?


    Some couples want classic, traditional/ formal ceremonies.

    Some couples want a modern twist on their ceremony, something lighthearted yet genuine and moving.

    Some coupes want a mix of both but without any religious tones.

    ALL COUPLES should feel confident knowing their ceremony can be molded into their story.


    For every couple there are beliefs, styles and considerations, and for this reason I feel like ceremonies should respect and reflect the couple.

    No matter who you are, what you believe, or who you love; I promise to treat you and your wishes with the utmost respect.

    Please give me a call to discuss options and availability!


    Krystal Walker


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