Clementine Hall Nashville Dark and Moody Wedding

This is a Moody Wedding at Clementine Hall Done Right

Light and airy colors need not apply! This is a moody wedding at Clementine Hall done right! When Kayla and Scott were planning their celebration, they knew rich and romantic was the way to go. The venue was the perfect foundation for their vision, allowing for the infusion of contrasting tones and glowing candlelight, and lush floral arrangements to shine. Kayla even swapped out her stunning satin wedding dress for a darker reception gown which was such a welcoming look! With CM Event Design to make sure all the details were in place and Kathy Thomas Photography to capture the moments, you’re sure to enjoy the creative touch that this wedding brings!

Kayla + Scott

Clementine Hall ~ Nashville

Guests ~ 125

Budget ~ $50,000 – $60,000

How did you guys meet?

Kayla: Not super exciting or romantic but online! I had lost my first husband to cancer and did not know how to date or get out there again. Scott had just been divorced a few years and was doing the same thing. It’s kind of crazy because we were on a dating app that didn’t necessarily match you with people near you. They could be across the country! But one of my matches was Scott and he happened to be 50 miles away! We talked, texted, and FaceTimed so much before we met in person! I already knew I liked him a lot but when I opened my front door and saw him for the first time, I knew my plans to not get serious with anyone were definitely in jeopardy!

Tell us about your engagement!

Kayla: It was perfect! I do not like a lot of attention or show. He definitely knows that about me. I was getting chocolate out of a cabinet in our kitchen one night and Scott came in and hugged me. and just started telling me how much he loved me and how lucky he felt he was for us to find each other. And promised to love me for the rest of our lives. And in our kitchen, with chocolate still in my hand, he got down on one knee!

What was the vision for your wedding?

Kayla: I instantly knew I wanted darker colors and lighting. My personality doesn’t fit traditional wedding styles and colors and I knew that upfront. It was only going to take finding the venue that matched that and I knew we could design the rest to match that atmosphere.

What was your theme and what inspired it?

Kayla: I guess the term for it is “moody”. I was honestly just inspired by my own personal taste. When I am looking for clothes or designing someone for an interior, like my office or home or business, I have always gravitated to darker colors and lower, focused lightening. I am a night owl and knew I wanted something to reflect those preferences, just on a large scale.

What details were used to create your theme?

Kayla: Lighting, flowers, tables and chairs, and lots of candles!

Where did you splurge? Where did you save/DIY?

Kayla: I splurged on the venue and with the flowers. Those two elements really put that design in place!

What words of advice do you have for couples in the midst of their planning?

Kayla: I didn’t set a budget. And it’s because that’s going to be the first thing people ask and then I feel trapped in some box. The way I spend money on my life on a daily basis is just what I applied to the wedding – I want the best I can get for the least amount of money! I knew the elements that were going to be important and the ones that would be less of the highlight and that’s where I put my focus when I met with each vendor.

So incredibly beautiful!! Huge thank you to this couple and this team for letting us share this moody wedding at Clementine Hall.


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