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This Groom Shocked the Bride by Doing Something to Honor her Family’s Tradition

With henna tattoos and delicious Indian food stations, this wedding was nothing short of beautiful and a great honor for the bride’s family traditions! Lili B’s Photography shares with us this colorful Indian wedding in Nashville at The Cordelle. Their wedding was decked out with waves of colors from orange, red, and yellow on the table and decor, hanging upside down umbrellas, and a gorgeous vivd fabric backdrop for the couple to sit in front. Check out more images below to see more of the bride’s entrance, a dress change, and a surprise dance from the groom he shares with his new bride!

Shumaila + Patrick


The Cordelle + Saint Elle

Guest Count ~ 200

From Photographer, Lili: This beautiful Indian Pithi ceremony was held at the Cordelle in downtown Nashville. Everything was so thoughtfully planned and came together with so much vibrant color and flare. It was such a pleasure to photograph.

What was the vision for your wedding?

From Bride: We actually had two weddings! A fun, vibrant, colorful traditional Indian Pithi ceremony at the Cordelle, and a traditional elegant American wedding at Saint Elle.

What was your theme and what inspired it?

From Bride: The first wedding was very colorful and fun, we had a henna station, multiple different Indian cuisine options, as well as many dances prepared for the guests. The groom also hopped in and joined the bridesmaids for a choreographed dance! The second day was all elegance, we had a live band and so much dancing, florals were everywhere, it was the days of my dreams. I felt like a celebrity all day.

What are some tips you can share with other brides planning their weddings?

From Bride: Soak it all in! The day flies so fast, but make sure to set aside time for you and your spouse. And make sure you love your vendors, you will be spending the majority of your days with them!

Thank you so much to Lili B’s Photography, and the bride and groom for sharing with us these radiant photos from their Indian wedding held in Nashville! Be sure to check out more real weddings and follow along on Instagram!


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