Olia Zavozina Wedding Dress

This Bride’s Olia Zavozina Wedding Dress Will Leave You Speechless

Nashville Wedding at Graystone Quarry

On a drizzly February day in Nashville, Avery and Tate said ‘I do’. The inspiration for their wedding was modern minimalism, and it was nothing short of breathtaking. Celebrating their love in style, white florals adorned Graystone Quarry creating an atmosphere of pure romance. Candlelit tables cast a warm glow, adding to the intimate ambiance of the day. Orchids were thoughtfully incorporated into the bride’s bouquet, adding a touch of natural charm to her modern ensemble. The cocktail hour was a sight to behold. Elegant chandeliers hung from above, casting a soft radiance over the guests as they enjoyed their drinks. But it is Avery’s Olia Zavozina wedding dress with statement sleeves that has our jaws dropping the most. The endearing embrace with Tate during their first look truly says it all. This heartfelt, yet incredibly stylish day is one for the books. Enjoy these images captured by Haley Terrell Photography.

Avery + Tate


Graystone Quarry

Guests ~ 200-250

Tell us about the couple.

From the photographer, Haley: Tate and Avery have known each other since middle school. They were both born and raised in the Nashville area. They love sports and good food. Tate is an extreme extrovert and Avery is more introverted. They are both believers and it’s the most important thing to both of them. Tate played basketball at Belmont and Avery went to Baylor for college, so they did long distance all of college.

What was their theme and what inspired it?

Haley: Modern, minimal romance was the inspiration for the couple. White florals, candle lit tables, orchards in the brides bouquet, elegant chandeliers at cocktail hour and a modern wedding dress with statement arm sleeves from Olia Zavozina brought this vision to life. The bridesmaids wore beautiful silk bridesmaid dresses with a high neck from Show Me Your Mumu and the groomsmen wore clean black suits to complete the overall look.

Can you share any special moments or highlights of their wedding day?

Haley: The started with Avery and Tate getting ready separately with their bridesmaids/groomsmen. Avery then shared a tearful first look with her dad and brother followed by a first look with Tate. The two of them then continued this private moment with exchanging of gifts and letters to one another that they read allowed in the chapel they would be getting married in only a couple hours later.

Did they have any special requests or unique challenges that you had to work together to overcome?

Haley: Avery and Tate were the sweetest clients! I enjoyed getting to know them through their engagements and wedding. They are the kind of people that instantly welcome you into their life and light up any room they’re in. The only “challenge” was rain on their wedding day but I say that lightly because it was really no challenge at all. Tate and Avery didn’t let it bother them one bit and they embraced the whole day knowing nothing else mattered other than their union. And honestly, it played well into the romantic day already planned.

This is what wedding dreams are made of!

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