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Hello, and welcome to The Wedding Reporter Podcast! Today, we’re thrilled to have Bec Broaddus and Kelly Cabry from Mint Springs Farm, a stunning all-inclusive wedding venue. These ladies have an impressive background in hospitality and a deep passion for creating unforgettable experiences for every client. Let’s dive into the world of all-inclusive wedding venues and discover the unique perks they offer.

Meet the Team Behind Mint Springs Farm

Bec Broaddus, a Nashville native, and Kelly Cabry, originally from Cape Cod, bring over 14 years of hospitality experience to Mint Springs Farm. Their journey began at G Catering in Nashville, where they honed their skills in event planning and execution. After years of working together and gaining invaluable experience, they decided to venture into venue ownership. Their combined expertise ensures that every wedding and event at Mint Springs Farm is executed with precision and passion.

The All-Inclusive Advantage

Mint Springs Farm has always operated as an all-inclusive venue, a business model that Bec and Kelly were keen to maintain. Their extensive background in catering and event planning gave them a unique perspective on the advantages of an all-inclusive venue. From the moment a couple books their wedding, they have access to a range of services including floral design, catering, DJ and AV tech, rentals, and even a Sprinter van for transportation on the property.

Customized Experiences

One common misconception about all-inclusive venues is that they are cookie-cutter and lack customization. Mint Springs Farm strives to debunk this myth by offering highly personalized wedding experiences. While they provide a list of trusted vendors, couples have the flexibility to choose their own photographers, videographers, and hair and makeup artists. This approach ensures that every wedding reflects the couple’s unique vision and style.

Streamlined Planning Process

For many couples, especially those planning destination weddings, the convenience of an all-inclusive venue is a major draw. At Mint Springs Farm, couples can rest easy knowing that key elements like catering, florals, and rentals are already taken care of. Bec and Kelly emphasize the importance of clear communication and timely responses, ensuring a seamless planning process. Their team handles the logistical details, allowing couples to focus on enjoying their engagement and preparing for their special day.

Value and Transparency

One of the biggest concerns couples have about all-inclusive venues is cost. While the initial price tag may seem high, Bec and Kelly assure couples that the value they receive is unmatched. Mint Springs Farm offers numerous inclusions, such as extensive lighting options, that would otherwise incur additional costs if sourced separately. Transparency in pricing is a cornerstone of their business model. Couples receive detailed invoices and design boards, helping them understand exactly what is included and any potential add-ons they might consider.

Expanding Beyond Weddings

While weddings remain the primary focus, Mint Springs Farm is also expanding to host social and corporate events. Their versatile space is perfect for a variety of celebrations, and Bec and Kelly are excited to reintroduce the venue to a broader audience. Their goal is to create memorable experiences for all types of events, leveraging their extensive event planning expertise.

A Stress-Free Wedding Day

Ultimately, the mission at Mint Springs Farm is to provide a stress-free, luxurious wedding experience. Bec and Kelly’s hands-on approach and dedication to their clients ensure that every detail is meticulously planned and executed. Couples can relax and enjoy their wedding day, confident that every aspect is being handled by seasoned professionals.

In conclusion, booking an all-inclusive venue like Mint Springs Farm offers numerous benefits, from streamlined planning and cost savings to highly personalized experiences and exceptional service. Bec Broaddus and Kelly Cabry’s dedication and expertise make Mint Springs Farm a standout choice for couples seeking a beautiful, stress-free wedding venue.

Show Notes

Bec Broaddus and Kelly Cabry, the owners of Mint Springs Farm, discuss the perks of booking an all-inclusive venue. They share their backgrounds in the hospitality industry and how they came together to purchase Mint Springs Farm. The venue offers all-inclusive packages that include floral design, catering, DJ services, rentals, transportation, and a wedding planner. They emphasize the importance of customization and transparency in their pricing. Mint Springs Farm also hosts community events and is looking to expand into corporate and social events.

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