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Should My Dance Floor be Indoors or Outdoors for My Wedding?

Considering putting your dance floor outside but not sure if it’s the best choice? There are so many moving parts when deciding where each element of rentals and decor should go for your wedding. Many of these decisions are based on the size of the space, flow of your wedding, and all the way down to where your production outlets are located as well. Check out our interview and the advice of entertainment professionals, Meritage Entertainment on what may be the perfect choice for you!

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What are some things couples need to plan for if they have an outdoor dance floor at their wedding reception?

James: Weather needs to be considered. A tent is a must. Vendors can’t be exposed with electric equipment. The equipment could quickly become damaged. If a storm rolls through, any guests not under coverage will immediately move to a covered area. As luck usually has it, the timing of said storm ends up being during peak dancing. You never want to have to relocate during prime wedding dancing. It kills the entire vibe and flow. With tent coverage, you are eliminating so many variables. This ensures the dance floor stays packed regardless of the weather.

How does a couple need to plan for an indoor dance floor?

James: Luckily, this is pretty straight forward. The one key thing is considering the DJs proximity to where the dancing takes place. Ideally, you want the DJ to be directly in front of the dance floor. This way, they are able to actively read the crowd and feed off their energy. A close proximity to dancing also allows the volume to remain at a lower level overall. Guests unable to dance, or mingling at the bar will find this far less intrusive.

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What are some measures Meritage takes to ensure a smooth reception dance floor in various weather conditions?

James: We really just proactively communicate about the points above so that couples have plenty of time to consider these details. Luckily, most of the professional wedding venues are already handling all of this. But we do run into it from time to time with a new venue or private estate wedding.

Are there certain regulations that Mertiage will implement if you need to bring the dance floor indoors or under a tent?

James: All guests MUST be on the dance floor! 🙂

Would you recommend for a couple to have an indoor dance floor or an outdoor dance floor?

James: It really depends on the priorities of the couple. An outdoor dance floor is often more scenic with additional distractions. Sometimes, this pulls the attention of guests away from dancing. It’s usually a temporary thing, but worth noting for couples with a “non-stop dancing” focus.

What will it be? Will you put your dance floor indoors our outdoors for your reception?! Find more great advice from your Nashville wedding professionals here!

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