Runaway Bride Rewatch – Movie Report

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Okay, hello. Welcome to the Wedding Reporter podcast. I’m here with Kayla, the Nashville Bride Guide Community Growth Assistant. Hello. And we have a fun one for you today. We have a movie report and we are reporting on Runaway Bride. That’s a good answer. That’s our first one. I know. I’m so excited. This movie is so great.

It debuted in 1999. Love a late 90s, early 2000s vibe going on. It shows up like oh yeah it shows for sure. So I’ll read a quick synopsis and give you a little rundown of it and then Kayla and I will start discussing all the amazing wedding looks and wedding things. It’s fun because there’s like four or five different weddings in this movie to discuss. She has lots of weddings. Yes.

So, having already left three grooms at the altar, Maggie Carpenter, who is Julia Roberts, is branded the Runaway Bride by jaded city journalist Ike Graham, who’s Richard Gere. But after his facts are called into question, Ike races to Maggie’s hometown to save his reputation and report on her upcoming fourth trip down the aisle, nothing, or sorry, during which he’s convinced she’ll run again.

Though he’s there on a mission, Ike can’t help but fall for this breathtaking heartbreaker. I know. So the movie is, of course, starring Richard Gere as Ike Graham and Julia Roberts as Maggie Carpenter. And then there’s some other fun actors that are familiar in this movie, like Joan Cusack is Peggy Fleming, not the ice skater. As an ice skater, I love that joke.

And Rita Wilson’s in this movie too. She plays his ex-wife, Richard Gere’s ex-wife, who is also his boss, right? Yes. At the newspaper that he works at. At one point he gets fired. Oh yeah. He said rule number two is don’t work for your family or ex-wife or something. Yeah, totally. Yep. The film was located in…

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the town of Hail, Maryland, which is actually a fictitious town, but it was actually in Berlin, Maryland that they filmed. And throughout our discussion of this, I have some fun facts to sprinkle in that I found online that are really fun. So. Lovely. Yeah. Amazing. Should we get started? Yeah, let’s get started. Well, my first… I love when you first start watching the movie.

They have an intro song, of course, and it’s ready to run. Yeah. I have a Dixie Chicks. Oh yeah. Which also Dixie Chicks in that time was huge as well in the 90s. Huge. So very on trend, very, you know, it really full circles that whole moment. It’s her body course. Oh yeah. Just riding in a wedding dress and a veil. Ready to run. Ready to run. Yeah. Running. Also there, I never realized there were so many ways to.

leave a wedding. Right? I know she got real creative, but she had to come up with them like, you know, last minute. But yeah, you’re right. This soundtrack was amazing. And music from the late 90s, early 2000s is so good. I mean, I feel like that’s my generation, you know, so I’m like

They had they end the movie with a Mark Anthony song. They’ve got a Sean Colvin song mixed in there. All like the classic, classic late 90s artists going on. Yeah. So Maggie Carpenter, she’s on her fourth wedding and Richard Gere is out to find her and really wants to know more about this. And so

He kind of stalks in a way, right? He said in his article, she’s left like seven weddings or something like that. Yes. And so when he goes to her hometown and realizes, not realizes, but it’s four, she’s on her fourth wedding. Yes. Right now. So the facts are kind of wrong. And that’s when he realizes, okay, I need to fact check this. And actually the guy who gave him this information was that man at the bar. Yes. And he was…

Alyssa (04:45.31)
He was groom number three, I think. Yes. Right? Yeah. So Richard Gere’s got a bad reputation already. As you see in the movie, he’s walking down the street and women see him and like hit him with her purse. And yeah. They’re tired of his articles talking about the monstrosity of women. Yes. Like that. Exactly. So he goes into the hair salon where Julia’s working on a chair.

And Peggy Fleming is there and not the ice skater. I love that joke. Every time she talks, I can’t. I know. I think of Jesse. It’s Jesse from Toy Story. Yes, she is like the best friend in so many movies. It’s like you can always count on Joan Cusack. And she is a great friend here because Richard Gere starts talking and she.

kind of fakes him out and says, yeah, we’ll talk to you. They end up washing his hair and what happens? Well, his hair becomes lots of different colors. Fake, purple. They give him rainbow hair. So yeah, I’m like, what if we did a podcast where we just washed people’s hair and you’re like, I’m not sure what color it’s gonna be when you’re done. But they were like, let’s give you a haircut. And he was like, no, just got one. Yep. You can wash my hair. And then they ended up doing that. Yeah.

That was a good prank. Luckily, it washed out. Yes. So fast forwarding a little bit, Ike just follows Julia and all the people she knows. He’s a great reporter, but also a great stalker, which is a little creepy. So she comes home from work that day and finds him in her house talking to her family. And before you know it, he is watching.

videos of all of her previous three weddings. And we’re gonna break those down. Yeah, before that, or maybe it’s after, somewhere in between there. I thought this was so funny. He’s talking to the dad and he’s asking the dad, like, do you think this, she’ll go through with this one? And her dad, you know, they’re very lighthearted people, it seems like. Yeah. He says, well, wedding cake freezes, that we know.

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So, I’m assuming they don’t think that this is gonna work, gonna go through, but they’re going through the motions. Just like they have three times before. I know. But so he watches the wedding films. Yeah. Later the grandma mentions something like that too of like, I can’t believe I’m not 500 pounds from eating all this leftover wedding cake. They all poke fun at her. They do.

But yeah, let’s jump into the weddings. The first wedding she had that she ran away from was the Gil Chavez wedding. Father Gil. Yes. So this is, well, no, this one is the rocker guy. He is- Oh, sorry, Father Brian. Yeah, Father Brian, yes. Not Gil, sorry. So this is the backyard wedding, and I think it’s so funny because he’s wearing a T-shirt that has a printed tuxedo on it, and like, it’s-

The most hippie-dippy wedding that you could possibly imagine. I wouldn’t go through with that one either. No, that one’s…there were balloons in the backyard. There were, let’s see, daisies in her hair, which I’m not against that. I actually love that. She had a very simple bell-sleeved sheath dress that was pretty elegant and she didn’t have a bouquet coming down the aisle in this one.

But her hair is in pigtails, which I kind of thought was so creative. It’s like on the top of her head, you see like these daisies, and then it kind of like spills over into these like pigtails. It’s like very 70s inspired. Then he is playing the electric guitar as she’s walking down the aisle. I’m sure it’s with a personalized song that he had written for her. And.

Then she jumps on a Grateful Dead trampoline. And crowd surfs. To the altar. Yeah, yeah. And then she gets back up on stage, and she looks at Peggy Fleming, and she starts running. And this one, the way that she ran out was some random kid is on a dirt bike, right?

Alyssa (09:27.106)
Yeah. Like who’s just sitting on a dirt bike in the back of a wedding? I don’t know. Just ready. Yeah. And she gives the peace sign and leaves. It was the 70s. It was the 70s. Yeah. Do you think it was actually the 70s? I don’t know. It could have been. OK, I have a fun fact about this one.

The costume designer Albert Wolske actually designed and created the first four gowns, including this hippie style crochet dress. He said, it was just so funny and sweet it made me laugh. And he’s noting the three, three copies were made because all of the wedding related stunts, like the trampoline jumping, the motorcycle getaways and what have you.

Um, as for the daisies and Maggie’s hair, it was Julia Roberts idea. Oh, yeah. I know. I love that. Yeah. But that’s so funny. Like you don’t really think that watching a movie you’re like, oh, they had to make like three different dresses in case it got ruined from her like crowd surfing or like on the dirt bike, like all the different takes they had to do. Right. Yeah. Cool. And I think about that. You don’t think about that. I know. Unless you’re in it, I guess. Totally.

But, yeah, love that for her. Yeah. Peace. But the next wedding is the one we were talking about, Brian Norris’ wedding. This is Father Brian’s. Father Brian’s. So this one’s very traditional. It’s in the church. The bridesmaids had like blue satin dresses. And her look was like,

a very traditional wedding dress. It had like this lace overlay with long sleeves. It had a satin skirt. And the lace was like running halfway down the skirt of the dress. And then the rest was kind of like satiny, I believe. She had a very long veil. I feel like in this era like

Alyssa (11:42.69)
long veils with like this headband like headpiece were like very big. Oh yeah, there you go. Oh no, I had it wrong. The lace comes up from the top and then it’s satin at the top. She’s carrying tulips. Yes. Yeah, like tulip type white flowers, like very traditional monochromatic look. Which that’s, I wouldn’t get into this later. Yeah. And.

She starts walking down the aisle, looks at Brian, and then it looks like there’s a secondary aisle like in this church, and she just takes a turn and starts walking back down the opposite direction. Like, nope, it’s not gonna happen. Yeah. And then- That was number two. The ring bearer is holding her train and she drags him. She drags him. So you’re coming with me. Yeah.

which I think is brought up again in the movie later, where there’s a myth in the neighborhood that kids are all scared of her because she dragged this one little boy down the aisle. Oh man. So I thought that was pretty funny too. And then third, this is Richard Gere watching all these weddings on VHS tapes, classic late 90s.

VCR style. This was George. This is George, George Swilling’s wedding. And what was his occupation again, something with butterflies. So he proposed in like a butterfly, the ring was in a butterfly cocoon. That’s right. Yeah, I did write that. She I don’t know what they’re called. But she said she said the name of what they were called. Oh, yes, like a chrysalis or something. I don’t know. But

Yes. And this wedding was very, like, fairy tale-like because it was in the woods. And I noticed they had these almost, like, maypole-type things where it was, like, poles kind of, like, threw out almost like tent poles, but there was no tent. And then they had these, like, big florals, like, around the poles with, like, ribbons coming down from them. So I thought

Alyssa (14:09.742)
not something that I’ve seen in recent years. So that was like with the with the horse. Yeah, yes. So she had a white three-tiered cake with greenery and then a string quartet. Everyone is wearing white, which I feel like is very unique for that time. Like I feel like more people do that now, but like back then it’s pretty unique to have like a uniform. Yeah. And then yes, you’re

Alyssa (14:39.806)
full tulle skirt. Yes off the shoulder and she has gloves. That’s a trend that I kind of see coming back a little bit. Yeah.

Alyssa (14:54.63)
Yeah. The bouquet is like one of those like early, I feel like this trend started kind of early 2000s where it’s like the bouquet is like a perfect ball of like florals and like berry put together. Whereas nowadays you can get a little more messy and give more texture and stuff where before it was just like this is a very structured bouquet. And then I wonder why they put that together with that wedding.

I know. That’s true. Yeah, because it was very like Woodsy and Whimsical that you would think that maybe it would have more of like a cascade or something. But you’re right. That one was more put together. I could see that more for like the Brian Norris wedding. For the church. Yeah. But yeah, she rides the horse down the aisle. She rides the horse away from the aisle. Then she rides it away.

So how long has she escaped? She escaped two down the aisle so far, and then one with the horse at this point. So there you have it, the three runaway weddings that are all on film. And then a current wedding, which is Bob, he proposed at a baseball game. That’s where we’re at with that.

Bob is very into sports. Which they’re getting married at a church. Yeah, that is interesting. Much like the Brian and Norah’s wedding, but it’s more of a chapel instead of like a big church, which you think like, okay, with the three runaways, maybe she wanted to have less people this time, or maybe that was just how their families worked out in a smaller space.

Interesting. Yeah, but yeah, he’s a very big sports guy. Oh, yeah sports fanatic who coaches Mm-hmm so one thing I wanted to talk about is She goes to the bakery which is owned by like her family friends Which is like the actor. I think she’s like in Roseanne or something too. There’s so yeah So many familiar faces that I can’t put a name on it Yeah

Alyssa (17:19.286)
and she goes to pick out the couple that’s supposed to be on top of the cake. So I’m like, this is so interesting. There’s like all these little people, figurines. No, we don’t do that anymore at all. It’s like here, let’s scroll on Instagram or Pinterest and I’ll show you some inspiration for my cake. Where none with people on it. No. Yeah. So

I thought that was interesting, a very traditional thing to do. I like this one. Yes. This kind of looks like him. Yeah, I know. Yeah, that’s what she says, doesn’t she? Oh my gosh. And now let’s talk about the rings. So her relationship with Richard Gere just keeps developing and they keep getting closer to each other. And she, well, I think at this point, she’s convinced him to pay.

her $650. $650, correct. So because she’s kind of leaning into it now. She’s like, okay, you can follow me. I’ll give you the real story. I’ll give you the real scoop. And they agreed on $650. Yeah. For him to continue to follow her basically. Yeah, exactly. And he’s gonna follow me anyway. I’m gonna get paid. Right, yeah. So might as well. Yeah, that was a good plan on her part. Yeah. She can’t get rid of them, so might as well get paid for it. Yep, so now she’s taking this money.

She’s gonna go by address. Yeah. So should we talk about the rings really quick? Like Brian’s, she shows him, it’s just a gold solitaire ring that’s very classic. Just like, you know, the whole style with the church. Gil’s ring is a silver rose ring, which it’s funny too, because in the movie she has a fake rose tattoo on her back. Fake rose.

That was a big theme of the movie, and he just finds this out years later. Yeah. And then he’s very upset. Yes. She says, I’m afraid, Nino. Yeah. Yes. And then George’s ring is like very ornate. You’re gaudy. Yeah. Lots of diamonds going on in this one. There’s three diamonds running top and bottom.

Alyssa (19:40.606)
And like you said, he proposed inside of a cocoon. A little butterfly cocoon. Yeah, but her most current engagement ring is very funny to me. Because Bob is all about sports and focus and everything that this engagement ring was in the shape of a number one. Little diamonds just split throughout with a number one. So.

That was good. But yeah, let’s skip over to the bridal shop now. Yes, the bridal shop. Which to me, when I was watching this, I was thinking, man, this is giving off major pretty woman vibes. Oh, yes. Um, I don’t know if they were channeling that either, but pretty woman was 1990. Yeah. So this was nine years later. It’s nine years later. They’re in a film together. He was well.

I can’t, I think what I researched, I don’t know if it was supposed to be their ages of their characters, but in real life, he is 59 or 49. He was 49 and she’s 31. Wow. I didn’t realize that. Yeah. Wow. Just a little tidbit. Yeah. That matters, but a little tidbit. Yeah. So, but, but anyway, so she’s.

She wants the dress in the window. Yes. And the shop owner is like, honey, that’s a thousand dollars. You’re going to wear it for 10 minutes. Why don’t we look at some of these other dresses that are less expensive? And she’s like, she finally gives in. She’s like, okay, you’re right. Oh, well, but he’s getting so upset. Cause he’s like, no, she wants that dress. She’s getting that dress and anything else she wants in this store. I don’t know. Pretty woman.

Oh yeah, totally. And so she finally puts the dress on and he says, it’s all right. Yeah. It’s all right. She’s like what? Yeah. Yeah, but then doesn’t he have his newspaper upside down and he’s like, and then he switches it back over because she’s so beautiful in this dress.

Alyssa (22:08.342)
And the dress is sleeveless. Well, strapless, but then it has this like mesh overlay. Yeah, mesh is good for. And then the skirt is like, kind of has these like satin ribbons around the skirt. And she says right after Richard Gere sees her, she loves it because it swishes like a bell. And she like moves back and forth like this, like a little girl. And like.

Don’t you love that? Oh, like when you’re trying on wedding dresses, you almost revert back to like your childhood and you’re like, I love these pockets or like this bow makes me happy. You’re like, yeah, for sure. You’re just in reality dressing up. And I have another fun fact about the dress. Okay. So as for the Arganza gown with satin bands that Maggie coveted in a shop window,

and ultimately wears for her first attempt on the aisle with Ike, Wolske, who was the dress designer, made one backup just in case her delivery truck escape ruined the original dress. And he said, to me, the Federal Express dress is the prettiest because of what it does on the screen, AKA it swishes like a bell during the try on scene.

So there were two of those dresses that he designed. I wonder if she ever had to use the second one. I know. I don’t know. And maybe that’s another thing is like, you know, once she gets to the wedding, like that’s then it’s the wedding and then it’s over and then comes the marriage. But all those little moments leading up to it, you feel like a little kid again. Oh, yeah. You know, you feel like giddy. You get those feelings of, yeah, like.

Nostalgia totally yes because it’s something that you’ve dreamed of or most people have dreamed of Yeah for their whole lives and then that moment’s finally there. It’s over. Yeah Oh, yeah for sure So let’s skip to the luau now. Yes, and what’s the vibe of this luau? She’s got this Head headdress. Yeah, some sort Flowers. Yeah all up in her hair. Um

Alyssa (24:32.694)
but they’re roasting her. Yeah. It’s like a roast of her and her fiance is like fine with it. Yeah, come on, Bob. They’re all playing fun at her, at her own expense. And yeah, she’s the type of gal that’s like, she’ll take it. Yeah. It’s upsetting her, but she’s taking it because she gets it like she has had three weddings before. Yeah. But they’re all roasting her. Just so sad. I know, it is so sad.

And yeah, in the father of the bride speech and everything. But I kind of love her look in this where she runs out because she’s upset and Ike goes and helps comfort her, which is so odd. Where’s Bob? Bob, where are you? So the scene goes three of them, mom, dad, maybe another person, grandma is poking fun at her. And then all of a sudden, you know.

It was just so weird because he’s like, he’s known them for like two weeks. Yeah, I know. But he shows up at this luau and they say, hey, Ike, you wanna say something? And so he’s like, yeah, I wanna say something. Yeah. And he says something in Maggie’s defense and then it upsets her. So she runs off and then Ike runs after her. Yeah. Instead of Bob.

Yes. Why? I don’t know, but maybe that’s just foretelling the story here. Eventually, he kind of does go after her a couple moments later, but it’s not, I don’t know. In my head, I’m like, he should go after her immediately. He runs out, but it’s moments later, like, oh, where is she going? I don’t know, but of course, then there wouldn’t be that.

They plot about Ike and Maggie. Yeah. But you’re right, she has this huge floral crown on and then she has just like a swimsuit top on with this like matching set almost where it’s like a silky sort of like button down over it with pants that match. And I’m like, I love this look. And it is coming back. It totally is back. And yeah, I think.

Alyssa (26:51.81)
Luau is a fun idea for a rehearsal dinner. I love a good theme. Yeah, I love when people dress to the theme I think it’s really fun. So if you have a luau rehearsal dinner contact us because we want to see it Yeah, so they run she’s running out he’s running out to her And then they I guess they argue and she they don’t resolve it. Yeah

So, because he was sticking up for her and she was like, you embarrassed me. Yeah. Which is interesting because everybody else was embarrassing her. But I guess she didn’t take it that way. Yeah. But I was. I know. Should we skip over to the wedding now? So, well. I think it’s also important to talk about this egg analogy. Yes, we need to talk about the eggs. Egg analogy, that came up afterwards.

Um, because I think maybe it was, I was asking all of the grooms he’s had before, how does she like her eggs? Yeah. And each groom says a different type of egg. Yes. So there’s that. Mm hmm. And he brings that up to her. I think he brings that up to her when they’re arguing. Yeah. I think you’re right. You don’t even know what kind of eggs you like. Yes. Uh huh. Cause she just goes with what they’re changing my mind. Yeah. Um, but I don’t think that’s really what it is. No. Yeah.

But what kind of eggs do you like? I actually like, well it depends, but I love an eggs Benedict. Yes. So I guess that was my favorite type of egg is like an eggs Benedict, so a poached egg. Yeah, those are good. Yeah. I will say I don’t think scrambled is my least favorite egg. Oh yeah. See, I like a scrambled. Do you? Yeah. I know, I just, I don’t know. With salt and pepper.

Yeah, I would say poached eggs or like over medium. Yeah, those with a with a toast. Yeah. Oh, with the toast is so good. And you dip it all those are really good. Yes. Yeah. So next we can go to. So should we fast forward and they’re at their rehearsal two days before her wedding to Bob and

Alyssa (29:13.17)
She ends up kissing Ike instead of Bob. So they’re doing a rehearsal and Ike is the preacher initially. Yeah. And so she’s walking down the aisle and something’s not right I guess. She’s not walking the right way. No. So Bob, of course the sports man in him is like, let me do it.

I becomes the groom. Yeah. And even her best friend is like, now he’s the groom. Yeah. Um, and then Bob becomes the bride walking down the island. And finally she takes over as the bride and then Bob becomes the preacher. Yes. So that’s the scenario. And he says, you may not kiss the bride. And he turns around to the, the God plan, the organ or whatever. And.

they start making out. Yeah. Full on making out. In front of everyone. Yep. And I literally gasped. Yeah. I was like, oh my God. And I think it’s for none other than them just knowing each other for like two seconds. Right. And being like, what? Yeah. But. Me and my fellow love, I guess. Yeah, I guess. But he says.

How long has this been going on? And she says, about a minute. Yes. Like a literal minute. And I, in my notes, I say, why is he not freaking out? They just started kissing. Why is he so chill? And then my next comment is, oh wait, nevermind. He just punched him. He ducks the guy. So, he won’t shut the door. Yep. But then he’s like totally fine for the rest of the movie. Yeah, I know. And then the crazy thing, this is where the romantic comedy magic just.

comes in is like, hey, well, there is a wedding in two days. Why don’t you and I just get married then instead of you and Bob who just broke up a minute ago. He has an ex-wife. Yes. And I think it’s so funny. So he calls her and is like, hey, like I’m getting married. I really want y’all to come. Cause they’re still friends. Yeah. He works with her like we mentioned. Yeah. And her husband, her husband is so.

Alyssa (31:29.862)
excited that her ex-husband is getting married. He falls to the floor in the back of the scene and is like kicking. He’s like, yeah. Yeah. He is. Oh, it’s funny. Because he knows Richard Greer is gorgeous. Yeah. But, well, yeah. So I thought that part was funny too. Her ex or her current husband.

is so thrilled that her ex-husband is getting married. Oh yeah, I know. He’s got nothing to worry about then. Yep. Yep, blocking in the deal. So we’ll skip to the wedding. And so we see some scenes of her getting ready, right? Yeah. And…

The bridesmaids have lavender dresses with bows and they’re satiny. I feel like this trend was like all nineties, like satin bows. Yes. Like a bridesmaid dress is a literal bridesmaids dress. Like nowadays you can maybe cross over to some other events, but not, no. It was like, this is what it is. Yeah. And they had gloves, pearls, bows in the hair. Um,

Julia’s. Still very gaudy. Oh yeah. That’s just what it was. Oh yeah, it was. And then Julia’s look, she has her hair back in like a chignon sort of thing with, but she also has a bow on her veil, like at the top with her long veil and gloves as well. I feel like that’s almost 50s style too. Gloves. Like yeah, the gloves and then like the little bows. Yeah.

And again, her bouquet is like a yellow ball of flowers. That was the trend at the time. And the one scene that I love when she’s getting ready is she has her bubble gum, which I would not recommend chewing bubble gum on your wedding day in your wedding dress, but she’s blowing a bubble and it’s so hot and then she’s sweaty.

Alyssa (33:39.842)
She’s got the fan going and the fans oscillating and she’s going like this. She’s oscillating with it. Oscillating with the fan. I thought it was funny. And it’s so good. Because they’re all getting ready in the ready room at the church and she’s freaking out that he’s not gonna be there. Yeah, that’s true. Which. Yeah, which would be the other way around. We didn’t really get any of that information with her wedding films. We didn’t. If she was thinking the same thing.

thing. Yeah, that’s true. But like, we got this same and she’s like, is he there? Like, is he gonna be there? And he does come late, doesn’t he? To the actual wedding. But he’s there. Yeah. And his ex wife and his and her husband’s there and they’re telling him, Hey, I got a car out back just in case you get away. That’s true. She runs. For him to run too. Yeah, for sure. So she has the wedding. Yep.

She said a girl can’t get married in flannel. She puts the dress on. She her she’s telling her bridesmaids to hurry up so they practically run down the aisle and then they do. Yeah she’s like let’s do this. Let’s go. Let’s go. Yep. So then she starts walking with this look in her eyes to Richard Gere and then somebody happens to take a picture with flash photography and it

totally disrupts her vision of Richard Gere. She loses eye contact with him and she starts to fall off the wagon and think, oh no, what am I doing? So then she takes off. But she stops in the aisle and then she keeps going though. That’s true, that’s true. She stops and she looks at everybody. Yes. And then she keeps going. You’re right. Because she’s like.

playing fun at herself almost at that point. Yeah. Then it becomes real. Oh yeah. Then she actually does end up running. But also I think they didn’t show this in any other of the previous wedding films, but he runs after her. Yes, he runs after her. He runs after her. Which why have none of the other grooms done that? None of the other grooms right after her that we know of. Yeah. They all just let her be, let her go. So way to go, Julia. He runs after her and he’s fit, so he makes it.

Alyssa (35:54.862)
quite a while and she jumps on this delivery truck. Yeah. She just stands there and stares at him. Yeah, I know. But she knows she wants to marry him. I think she just gets cold feet. And that’s something that’s never really explained in these romantic comedy movies is, why Julia, why did you run? Why did you run? But then the egg analogy comes back. The egg analogy does come back and. She’s in the kitchen trying 12 different types of eggs. Yep. I don’t know, maybe.

And she finally realizes that you share the same love of eggs Benedict She runs back to Richard Gears apartment, which is amazing By the way, the New York City skyline is just in full view off of his balcony and she proposes to him and he says

have to think about it. Yeah. Something like that. And she was like, I was hoping you would say that. Yes. And he said, no, you weren’t. Yeah. But I guess she was. But then she comes back around, right, and puts a record on and they dance beneath the New York City skyline and it all works out. Next thing you know, they’re in a meadow. Yes. Of some sort.

And then it’s their final wedding, the final dress. And this dress riding up on horses. They are. This is so magical. It’s giving me a little bit of the vibes of the butterfly man wedding where it’s kind of fairy tale and horses again. Horses again. Yeah, because that’s a very quick getaway. Yeah. A little more difficult than some of the other did horses. So I’m like, yeah, horses again.

That is true. But her dress is so princessy, it’s kind of off the shoulder, it has a brocade sort of bodice. Her hair’s down this time, it’s kind of just like, it’s her, it’s more her. Yeah. And she’s got natural makeup, it’s in a field, a colorful wildflower bouquet. And there’s nobody really around. Yeah, there’s no one really around.

Alyssa (38:18.258)
They get married and then all of a sudden, yes, you see all the friends run up and it’s really very small And it’s just the friends and maybe that’s why she kept running away. Maybe she just didn’t like being in front of a lot of people That and it just wasn’t her. Yeah, it wasn’t her but she didn’t know Mm-hmm. What was her? Yeah, she found herself Yeah, is really what the moral was and she found somebody who loved her for who she was

And they did it, finally. And she was no longer the runway. No longer the runway bride. I have one more fun fact for us. When it came to the dress though, the one that Maggie wears when she finally says, I do to Ike in a picturesque outdoor wedding before the pair ride off into the sunset on their own horses, Wolski, the dress designer, actually picked an off the rack frock from Manhattan’s Saks Fifth Avenue. Oh.

there was only one of the off the shoulder, Aam Saleh Abara gowns available and wool ski gushed. It fit like it was made for Julia and that it looked like it belonged on the cover of a romance novel. That it did. Wow. Meant to be. And one thing I noticed on there was they rode off on their own horses. Yes, that’s true. They didn’t share one.

They had their own. They were individual people, right? Yes. I love that. Yeah. That’s very symbolic. Very. Such a great movie. That you didn’t know how symbolic Runaway Bride was. I know, right? All these things and all the romantic comedies that are just coming to life and yeah. Love that. Such a great movie. Thanks for joining us. You can follow us at The Wedding Reporter podcast and stay tuned for more movie reviews.

Let us know what you think about Runaway Bride. Yeah, let us know what you think about Runaway Bride. All right, have a great day, bye.

Show Notes:

Kayla and Alyssa at The Wedding Reporter Podcast rewatched Runaway Bride, the 1999 romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. We’re breaking down all of the late 90s fashion trends and each wedding style Julia Roberts ran away from – including her latest wedding at the end! See which trends we love vs. which ones we could do without. We won’t leave out any romantic comedy movie magic! Email us at and tell us what you think after rewatching Runaway Bride!