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Romantic Fall Graystone Quarry Wedding

If you love soft color palettes, an abundance of candlelight, and flawless greenery, you’re going to love today’s real wedding feature. Kaylin and Trey’s romantic fall Graystone Quarry wedding was like a breathe of fresh air! Pastel bridesmaids dresses, elegant decor and a one of a kind love all contributed to the beauty and we are so excited to share these light and airy images from Amanda May Photos! Keep scrolling to see our favorites!

From the photographer: First, I want to comment on the friends that make up Kaylin and Trey’s bridal party. I love this group so so much. They are all super duper close, and they have all known each other forever. It’s easy with big friend groups like this to not give off the most welcoming vibes. Not purposely, but just because they are all distracted with the fun they are having together and they don’t need anyone else to join to make it better. But you know what I love about this group? They may not need someone else, but they welcome all the people with all the friendliness. Even my second shooter and I felt like we were a part of the gang as soon as we arrived.

Second, I want to comment on Kaylin and Trey’s family. The moment I walked into the bridal suite at Graystone Quarry, Kaylin’s mom, Kelly, came up to give me the biggest hug. She looked me square in the eye, and she said, “As soon as Kaylin got engaged, she told me she had to have Amanda May, and I am just so excited you’re here.” At that exact moment, I melted. I might as well have been a puddle on the floor, but this is a perfect representation of the whole family for the rest of the day. They were so in tune with each person present and embraced every single second of the whole day. It was beautiful and a reminder, as cliche as it sounds, that sometimes we need to make ourselves slow down and smell the roses.

How did you meet?

Kaylin + Trey: Trey and Kaylin met in 7th grade science class. He was the “new kid”. Kaylin saw him sitting alone and wanted him to feel welcome, so she chose to sit by him. They became best friends through middle school and high school. It was not until college that they decided to date each other. This is when they finally admitted to having a crush on each other for years.

What is your proposal story?

Kaylin + Trey: We had been dating 3 years. Two days before Kaylin’s 25th birthday, she came home to Trey in the living room, on his knee in a heart of rose petals, with Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” playing in the background. He had the lights off, with candles and pictures all over the room. She said yes! At dinner that night, their parents were there waiting to congratulate the two. 

Tell us a little a bit about your wedding (your vision, color, style, and location choices).

Kaylin + Trey: Our wedding was a fairytale! Neither of us cared too much about the details. All we wanted was for all of our favorite people to be together and celebrate with us. Graystone made the planning so easy. They gave me the dream wedding without any stress. 

Tell us about your attire choices.

Kaylin + Trey: Both of our favorite color is blue – so that being our main color was a no brainer. Kaylin’s dress came from The White Room in Lebanon. It was the 6th dress she tried on. The bridesmaids dresses came from Birdy Grey. All the boys suits came from Belk.

What was the most important to the two of you while planning? Was there anything that you chose to splurge on or skip?

Kaylin + Trey: The most important part of planning was the guest list. We started with a number that we thought we could maintain, but very quickly exceeded that number to ensure all of our close family and friends could be there. We also wanted to make sure we got beautiful pictures and a video. We didn’t care about much else! 

What were your favorite parts of the day? (memories and stories)

Kaylin + Trey: My favorite part of the whole day was immediately following the ceremony. Trey and I went into the bridal suite to wait on pictures since we did not see each other before the ceremony. Neither of us cried in front of the big crowd, but the second we got into the suite alone, we both just fell into each other’s arms and lost it! It was the first moment we had alone as husband and wife and wow, was it special! 

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?

Kaylin + Trey: Do not stress. Do not do more than you want to do. Keep everything very personal to you two. People will offer opinions and comparisons, but the only thing that matters is marrying the love of your life, surrounded by your support system. 

Beautiful couple. Beautiful day! Thanks so much to Kaylin and Trey for sharing more of their romantic fall Graystone Quarry wedding and to Amanda May Photos for these incredible images!


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