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Love Finds A Way – Mindy & Li’s Nashville Wedding Story

After having their original wedding venue destroyed by the tornado that swept through the city months ago, Mindy and Li were forced to pivot their plans and find a new venue to hold their celebration. And just when they had it all figured out, their new venue then shut it doors due to the pandemic. Talk about a double whammy. And yet – these two still didn’t lose hope! Instead, they focused on their love and the real meaning of marriage, carrying forward with their wedding day even though they were the only two present. Mindy and Li’s Nashville wedding story showcases that love finds a way! And these photos captured by Sara Grace Photography document their love in its own true light!

From the photographer: Mindy and Li are so incredible. Li an Engineer and Mindy a biologist. They survived together as the Tornado destroyed their home in Nashville. Their Original Wedding venue was damaged by the tornado as well. So they decided to change venues only to be closed by a pandemic. Mindy and Li are exceptional individuals with strength and character. They decided to proceed with their wedding even if its just the two of them.

I wanted to celebrate them and honor them. I thought a park setting was perfect, I had a cake made for them and champagne to make it perfect. I arrived early and spoke to everyone near the garden, I shared their story and so many strangers became guests. They made space and honored their moment with cheering and joy as the couple kissed. Under a perfect blue sky a friend made their union official and they were husband and wife. While the details were few the love and joy was abundant. It was an epic day and as we walked the empty streets of broadway and said good evening to the city we love ; Mindy and Li’s love story made everything beautiful.

We can feel the happiness y’all! THIS is what it’s all about! Huge thank you to huge thank you to Sara Grace Photography for sharing Mindy and Li’s Nashville wedding story! Love truly conquers all!


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